Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Murphy Fans...

The switch has flipped back to Fabulous.  His energy level is low-ish, but his appetite is huge. Normal, non-explosive poopies.  Alert and comfortable.

I seriously do feel like a nurse giving a report to callers asking about the patient's condition, but I know that I have way more readers than commenters, and I want to keep everybody updated. The Timex dog is still ticking, and appears to be over whatever downturn he'd nearly turned down over the weekend. He's both a Timex and a Wham-O Original Super Ball Novelty

I love how the description ends with "novelty." He is.


Anonymous said...

always interested in the doings and activities at 'casa de bossy little dogs'- once again, murphy has triumphed- tlc is a wonderful thing and is probably responsible for many 'miracles' both canine and human-

take care-
barb in texas

KatyaR said...

"Timex" dog-I love it. That describes Murphy to a T!