Sunday, June 14, 2015

Over Already?

Today I went to Target, Publix, and Goodwill, did lots of laundry, mopped up a lot of Murphy accidents, cleaned a few more items out of the office/guestroom, and went for a lovely late afternoon swim. Whether I move again or stay where I am, a pool is a must. I feel SO good right now - tired, but in a good way.

I went years without swimming regularly, even though I know how good it is for me, mentally and physically. One of my vows at the beginning of this year was to start swimming regularly, weather permitting. I'm getting better about making time, at least on weekends. I need to get into the habit of a half hour in the water when I get home from work. It feels sooo good. It feels like yoga, meditation and a margarita, all in one.

So two of my promises to myself at the start of 2015 are coming along, finally. I'm swimming semi-regularly again, and the office is nearly fit for company. I'm getting excited about actually making it a decorated room, instead of the designated crap-catcher.

My daughter reports that Miss D was more confident when swimming at their community pool today - the secret is getting her into the water often. My daughter was a fabulous swimmer at three because she had a pool in her yard and an older brother to keep up with. It's only natural that Miss D will take a bit longer to get there, but she definitely loves the water.

Murphy update: We are back to runny poop, but he's eating well and is quite cheerful. I opened the front door this afternoon, preparing to drag yet another trash bag out and down the stairs, and he was standing nearby. He saw the light from the front door and went to the door to go out! He told me he had to go out, just like the old days! That doesn't happen often anymore. He also walked smack into a fire hydrant a few minutes later, so I think it's safe to assume he can see light and shadow, but can't make out any details. It's also safe to assume that inside his little old half-blind, mostly deaf, nearly toothless and ridiculously skinny and scruffy little old body, he's still the Bossy Dog, and he's still interested in his life.

And tomorrow is Monday again. Interesting Times continue. And that job in New Smyrna Beach was advertised again. And NSB is still an hour away, and it's probably no saner than the devil I know. It's an insane business, but I'm learning to detach from the crazy, and remember what's important in my life.

This is the latest picture of somebody important:

Yes, she is ridiculously cute.


besshaile said...

Cute! she's beautiful!!

Joan said...

Another little beauty! Such kissable cheeks. Sigh...

Elizabeth said...

She is very cute indeed! And I would say that she has your beautiful, sparkly eyes...