Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Purge, Day Two.

Thanks for letting me know this blog didn't fall off the internet. The error messages last night apparently were just random.

My daughter read this blog last night and sent me an indignant text; she wants my sewing machine. She'd said she wanted it years ago but never actually took it or mentioned it again, and I had assumed she'd changed her mind/lost interest. She learned to sew in high school home ec (her non-sewing mother certainly couldn't teach her - I never took home ec). So she swears she's picking it up today, and a box of miscellaneous sewing doodads will go with her. (Doodads - it's a technical term.) It will leave a nice hole on the shelves of the walk-in closet in the office/guest room. I wonder if I can persuade her to take a folding bookcase too?

It's going to take a couple of weekends to complete this project, but the office is finally going to look DONE.

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