Thursday, July 23, 2015

And then my knee said...

"Don't try it again, BITCH. Not if you ever want to walk again!"

Seriously, I am paying the price for my bowling hubris. Oooh, I felt so good after my bowling afternoon! I didn't have much knee pain at all while bowling, barely a twinge, and they didn't hurt much on Saturday or Sunday. (My glutes had something to say about doing 3 hours of lopsided squats, but they got over it.) I swam for an hour Saturday, spent Sunday doing nothing much, but on my feet much of the day. I was mildly sore, not in pain, and I'd had such a good time, I was actually looking at Groupons for the bowling alley that is only 10 minutes away. I wanted to bowl again!

Then I went to work on Monday, and sat at a desk for a few hours. And it was The Revenge of the Knees! I stood up and...holy shit, what happened? I couldn't straighten my right leg! Both knees hurt, but the right is by far the angriest.

It's Thursday evening and I'm still hobbling around in pain when I first stand up. I counted today; it takes twelve steps of hobbling before the knee relaxes and my stride normalizes. By three o'clock today, my right leg was throbbing like a dull toothache. By the end of the day, my right knee and I were both exhausted. Driving home tonight, my right foot started tingling. My knee is puffy. I'm sitting with it elevated, and I'll be doing an ice pack before bed. It IS getting better. I'm no fool, if I didn't feel improvement I'd go see a doctor. I think by Monday this too shall have passed.

So, I dabbled at bowling again. I wish I could still bowl, I really do, but my right knee (the most important knee, the Bowling Knee) is still pissed off. Alas, I think my dream of owning my own ball and shoes again is not to be.

But it was a real wake-up call about how my long commute to my sedentary job is taking its toll. When my knee is over its current snit, I MUST exercise regularly. I need to walk, and ride my bike, and break out the yoga mat more often.

This is not in any way evidence of failure of the plant-based diet. I still had more energy than people 15 years my junior, and recovered from the muscle aches of hours of unfamiliar exercise very quickly. My knee issues are mechanical and can't be fixed by diet. It IS evidence that regular weight-bearing exercise that strengthens the muscles around my defective joints is no longer optional. I intend to walk around Disney again in a few weeks, and my knees need to be ready.

How is work? OMG. Another really good, smart manager quit. I cracked open a Diet Coke at my desk this afternoon and my boss yelled, "Is that a beer?" Me: "I WISH!" What that place really needs is a water cooler full of vodka. It's insane. Privacy precludes too much sharing yet again, but it's one thing when outside forces spring surprises that screw things up. It's another when critical information is simply overlooked, and everyone is utterly gobsmacked (I love that word!) by things that were SHARED in WRITING, acknowledged, and then forgotten. Big, Expensive Things.

And my natural place in the universe has been established again: I am the Sleuth. Every department brings me their questions, their lingering issues, their WTFs, and I dig in and find the answers. My new boss, who I now officially love and who today yelled from his office that this job is why he drinks, gets this all day too. All problems lead to us, even if they have nothing to do with us, and we stop what we are supposed to be doing to fix it.

This, indeed, is why we drink.

One of our new managers (she's hilarious and we've already decided we need to find a time for happy hour) has been my partner in these, "How the hell did this happen?" Choose Your Own Fucked-up Adventures.

She decided that we will dress as Sherlock Holmes (me) and Watson (she) for Halloween. I'm kinda hoping I'll have a different job by then (oh wait, was that out loud?) but another part of me is just enjoying the madness. As I said to my dear friend Bess, if there was a market for a comical horror novel about homebuilding, I'd be Stephen King. Even if there isn't, it'd be fun to write. I have 20 years of characters and hilarious horror to share.

How is Murphy? Fabulous! He's on his bucket list diet, and yesterday decided that my vegan Gardein meatballs and sauteed zucchini was better than his beloved chicken and sweet potato. As long as it's not fatty, he gets to eat whatever he likes.


Anonymous said...

OUCH!!! as one with horrible knees, please ice those joints and see a dr stat if the swelling doesn’t go down. Every cm of swelling de-activates the muscles by 40%. I have a prescription diclofenac gel which works miracles on the swelling in my knees from osteoarthritis, but it is way expensive. Better to bike, swim and move the joint, but not stress it like bowling.
All work is chaos, I am convinced. I work in a cluster-f### place too, and we are currently going through a round of change management - "how do you feel about change?" I just want to say - "You dont care how I feel, and I only care that you still pay me. Now can we get back to work?"
And Murphy eats zucchini? What a dog.


besshaile said...

Write that novel

Better yet - write the screen play.

Catherine said...

Screenplay? Yeah, that'd be an easy sell. Maybe I'll start with an e-book, after I retire?