Friday, July 17, 2015

I Bowled Today!

It was a company function, Mandatory Fun, and I wasn't enthused, to put it mildly. I haven't been able to bowl for many years - between my bad knees and my carpal-tunnel-challenged right arm, bowling has been off my recreational agenda for a long, long time.

I used to be a good bowler, like, oh, 30 years ago. I even had my own ball and shoes, back in the early 80s. My average was in the low 200s. I could pick up a 7-10 split now and then. I was the person everybody wanted on their team on our informal "Young couples with babysitters on the clock," bowling outings. I was GOOD, even with our sporadic bowling habit. I never joined a league. I couldn't afford to bowl on a regular basis. Then the leagues took over the local bowling alley and good luck finding a lane free on a Friday night so we found other things to do. And then of course the years rolled by, my knees gave out and nerve damage in my right arm kicked in.

I tried to bowl once or twice since those glory days, and it hurt like hell. My arm and knees gave out fast, and I couldn't even make it through ten frames. I didn't bowl again forever. I'm thinking 20 years.

But I'm a good sport and it was all for fun, and I decided I'd give it a try. It wasn't a fierce competition, no pressure, though our CEO was on our team. He's a decent but not scary good bowler, and a very nice man, so no worries there. Our team was all over 50. One had a bad leg, one a bad foot, and me with a bad bowling arm and two bad knees. We were in no danger of winning anything, so it's a good thing that all prizes were given via raffle tickets.

Oh my GAWD, I was so awful in the first game. Not much better in the second. But by the third game, when I expected to be tired and in pain, I was actually feeling my old bowling groove. I felt focused and my game suddenly improved. I was having a blast, and my arm wasn't bothering me at all, and I got a few spares and even a couple of strikes. And I KNEW when I hit the pocket and it was a strike, before the pins fell. My groove was back.

Then all my co-workers (nearly all younger than I am) decided they were tired and didn't want to bowl anymore, and dropped out in the 3rd game. And I was all, "But...but...I just had a strike!" But we put our shoes on and went home. But damn, I am so psyched that I not only survived bowling again, but started to feel my old skills coming back?

Could it really be that changing my diet and going Mostly Plant Based is the reason for this? What else could it be? Decades since the last time I picked up a bowling ball and it went very badly. I felt better and had more fun today, nearly a month after my 57th birthday, doing something I was too sore to do ten years ago.

I'm tired and I will probably be sore tomorrow, out of shape as I am. I plan to go swim in the morning, and stretch it all out. But my right arm is still functioning, and my knees are only mildly cranky, and I outlasted a lot of 35 year olds. It was a good day, and served as a reminder that I really am doing something right here.

Murphy got groomed today. He hasn't had a haircut in months. His hair grows so slowly now. He survived his day just fine, came home all chipper, clean and perky. So I guess this makes it a good day all around.


besshaile said...

Hidden treasures! How cool is that to discover you don't just still have it - you can out "it" those young things.

Anonymous said...

Food has a lot to do with inflammation, the cause of a lot of joint pain. Stay on your excellent diet. But, yes, knees don't like to be overworked in a bent position.
Good little Murphy, still chugging along after all.