Monday, July 13, 2015

It's HOT. I must KNIT!

It's really hot. We are officially three inches from the sun right now, and we keep getting rain teases, but not nearly enough actual rain. When it does rain it indeed does pour, but far more often it's 95 frigging degrees when I'm driving home from work after 5. It drops to a balmy 78 by 2 a.m. It gets cloudy. It may even thunder. Then it just...breaks up. No rain. BUT the performance is often so Oscar-worthy that it keeps me from attempting a trip to the pool after work. Like today - the clouds were hanging there, looking like they were seriously thinking about rain. They were brooding about it. Nope, nevermind! Just kidding!

Yesterday I didn't let the afternoon lie of "Oh sure, it's TOTALLY gonna rain," fool me. I went to the pool at 11 a.m. I lasted an hour, and about 20 minutes of that was on a chair in the semi-shade, attempting to read until I started to feel like a steak on a grill. DAMN IT'S HOT. But I spent 2/3 of the hour in the water, and while I swam and thought about how I was glad I went to the pool in the morning because this afternoon was going to be unbearable, I suddenly thought of knitting.

I'm sure my mind was trying to escape the heat, but it suddenly started prompting me to knit, and thinking about how it's mid-July, and the Mountain Grown Granddaughters will need sweaters in a couple of months. Okay, three months. Mid-October. In the evening and early morning.

So, when the clouds rolled in and we had yet another fake no-rain event (this one even had thunder - ha ha, SUCKERS!) I started browsing Ravelry. I found three patterns I must make for the girls, and a couple I want to make for me, and I think I can do them all without buying yarn. (This is only because I occasionally bought yarn in the last couple of years and have no memory of what I bought it for, though I'm sure I had a plan at the time. I can't remember, so let's all pretend with me that this was fate and not drunken yarn buying amnesia.)

Sister Act: I think the aptly named (though I'm Grandma or Nama, not Granny - dear GOD, not Granny!) Granny's Favorite would be a nice sister set for the Mountain Grown Girls. I have a heathery blue sport weight Cascade 220 in my stash that would be very nice as big and little sister sweaters, and work as a semi-neutral color to please their mother.

And I have some Dream in Color Smooshy that I think is asking to be Wee Liesl for Willa. It would be so soft and springy and comfy!

For the Florida Child, I already had deliberately and soberly and upon her request purchased some bright pink cotton for a hoodie, and as of yesterday that's a work in progress. And OBTW, if you are someone who totally hates all cotton yarn and would nevah, evah use it, no way no how, you might want to check this stuff out: Cotton Supreme. They ain't lyin' that it's a dream to work with; it feels like a nice, silky soft wool. Like buttah in the hands, and in the finished product.

But I also think she'd get some wear out of Jane. I have a sport weight royal blue in the same Cotton Supreme, and I will either make the kid version for her, or the adult version for myself. Or both. If her mom likes it I'll make one for her and make myself one in a more neutral office ready shade. Though I think I would wear the hell out of a royal blue Miss Jane. It would be more "practical" in a neutral for the office, but I wear a lot of black and jewel tones, so yeah, I could totally work royal blue into my office palette.

Let's hear it for drunk buying yarn, and then forgetting why you bought it! And let's hear it for Ravelry's pattern search hooking me up with an Australian designer who knows something about knitting for warm climates!


He's fabulous again. Hungry all the time, demanding, spunky. Blind and deaf, toothless and arthritic, but he has no idea he's as decrepit as he is. It's just how he is today, and isn't that a fine way to face old age? I'm actually thinking I need to schedule a professional grooming with his beloved Miss Abbie. Last time she saw him she kissed him goodbye, wondering if she was ever going to see him again. His hair grows so slowly, it's been months since he's needed a professional 'do. I'll call her tomorrow and hope she's working a Saturday session soon.


Anonymous said...

Ah, marvellous Murphy ! Aren't dogs wonderful, if today is OK then everything is OK, no silly worrying about tomorrow (he's got you for that), and no looking back and regretting the days when he was as fit as a Mallee Bull, ready to take on anything. It's just today, and that is enough.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Exactly, Gae. He's a philosopher. He really is doing very well. This morning I was getting their breakfasts and he annoyed Sophie, and she gave him one of her annoyed snaps. It's snapping little snarl delivered without attempting contact, like, SHUT UP! He didn't hear her of course and was oblivious, but I heard it and thought, "Aww, he's feeling well enough to be a pain in the ass! That's wonderful!" :-) I think he might be aiming for 15.5.

Brenda said...

Go, Murphy!

Anonymous said...

Please do write that novel! It would be great!

Sorry about that knee stuff. Don't end up needing a replacement though. You would not like that. Swimming's very good exercise for cranky knees!
It's so good to hear that Murphy is fine. Sophie too? Hope so.