Friday, July 03, 2015

Murphy Update.

So, this morning, Murphy officially renounced waiting until he's outside to pee. I was picking up the leashes and turned around to see...Oh damn, Murphy!...he had just casually started peeing as he exited the bedroom. He finished his task and went to his bed in the living room. I mopped up Lake Murphy and took Sophie out without him.

Later, he got out of bed and started walking around, and he was obviously confused and looked like a little wind-up toy, walking into random corners and backing out again. I picked him up to comfort him, but he wasn't looking for cuddles, so I put him down and let him get back to it. I don't think he can see at all now, or maybe just light and dark. He staggered and fell down a few times, which is a new development. (As he's only about eight inches off the floor, this wasn't like watching a big dog crash; he just sort of lost his footing and got back up again.) He walked around in the kitchen for a while as if he didn't know where he was, and casually fell over and got up again before going back to his bed.

He refused his usual breakfast, but ate a good helping of egg an hour later. Fat content be damned, he's on the bucket list diet. Went back to his bed and back to sleep. Later, he got up and got a drink of water. He was steady on his feet again.

He's been better since. He ate his dinner, he's steady on his feet, he doesn't appear at all confused now. As I type this he's on his feet walking into the office. He's slower, quieter, less engaged in his surroundings, but definitely comfortable. I wouldn't put him through "keeping him going" if I thought for a minute that he was suffering; there is absolutely no sign of discomfort. He's eating and drinking, then sleeping deeply most of the time. I think this is another step in the Little Timex Dog's slow winding down. As we are talking about the Timex Dog, he could do this for another month or three, who knows? I don't think another three months is possible, but then, he's fooled me many times before.


ellen kirkendall said...

I lost my 16 year old to kidney failure two weeks ago. My heart goes out to you. Enjoy your little man as long as you can.

Catherine said...

Oh, I'm sorry, Ellen! It's so hard.