Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Knee Isn't All Better...

but it is recovering. I spent an hour in the pool today, doing the poor woman's hydrotherapy, treading water, letting my knee flex and do whatever it wanted in weightlessness. My knee is clicky, but not horribly painful. If I sit too long I have to un-kink it when I stand, but it's not swollen or sharply painful, just stiff and clicky.

And I started taking Cosamin DS Joint Health Supplement, 108 Capsules again.

I had to stop and think about the last time my knee hurt this much, and finally remembered. I stepped off a tall curb in Asheville, it was deeper than I expected, and my foot hit hard, creating a lightning bolt all the way into this same knee. That was five years ago. Since then, I've hiked, walked, did a brisk 5 miles around Disney once a month for the past year...I don't have a chronically bad knee. I have an out of shape knee.

I used to take Cosamin DS, but stopped because my knee hadn't bothered me in a long time, and it's not cheap, so hey, I didn't really need it. I tried it because my vet led me to it. Seriously. The senior vets in the practice I've taken my pets to forever are around my age. We were discussing doggie arthritis issues when Dr M. brought up glucosamine, and talked about how the people stuff isn't as reliable as the veterinary stuff, as far as the actual glucosamine content in the dosage is calculated. She didn't recommend a brand, she just said, "Do some research." Cosequin DS Plus MSM Joint Health Supplement for Dogs - 180 Chewable Tablets is what they gave Murphy. It's the stuff Jack Hanna promotes in the commercials with his dogs diving off the dock to swim with him. And honestly, I trust this vet office as much as (or more than) any people doctor I've ever seen, so I tried the human version, Cosamin DS. And my knees were fine for a long time, so I of course got complacent and stopped using it years ago, and now...I'm back on it.

My knee is recovering. It will be fine for our first Disney trip of the fall season next month. Delaney has been talking a lot about the "big ball" at Epcot. So we may have to do a monorail stop visit: Hit Epcot first, for the "big ball" and Turtle Talk with Crush before hopping a ride to the Magic Kingdom to visit old favorites. It'll still be August. It'll still be Hot. My knees need to be better in three weekends. I think they will be.

How is Murphy? Enjoying his bucket list diet and comfy and cheerful. He loves tilapia. It's low enough in fat to be okay for him, and he's quite perky, especially for someone who was supposed to be dead in February. I think he's shooting for 16.

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