Saturday, August 01, 2015

August 1

First, before I forget:

If you shop at a Target with groceries and are meatless-curious, one of the few really good meatless meats I've tried is Simply Balanced meatless Korean Chicken Barbeque. You brown the chicken-like chunks in a pan, then put the sauce on, and the sauce caramelizes in the hot pan, and makes it all crispy and delicious.

It's amazing. I don't eat a lot of faux meat. Most faux meat is disappointing, due to the thing food scientist types call "mouth feel". Most faux meat disappoints carnivores because it's just "not the same" - which of course it isn't, and that's why I don't think meat substitutes are a good choice if you are trying to go vegetarian/vegan. There's a vast array of delicious menu options that don't involve meat or faux meat, and it's better to NOT try to replicate meat if you are trying to get meat out of your diet.

That said, if you were a carnivore for oh, 50 years or so before giving up meat, every now and then you just want some thing crispy in barbeque sauce. This is seriously the best I've found. Murphy CRIED and CRIED for it, he thought it smelled amazing, and thought I was terribly mean because I only shared a couple of tiny bites. I offered a bite to Sophie, she put it on the floor. Spicy sauces are not her thing. Murphy, OTOH, thought it was fabulous and I was a mean, mean, meanie for not sharing a whole plate of it with him.

I had to limit him to a couple of bites, because his recent and spontaneous veggie conversion has made him gassy. Today he got out of his bed, walked into the middle of the room, and emitted TWO long, loud, bugling farts that would have been impressive coming from a 200 lb. man after a twelve-pack of cheap beer. He felt fine after, went back to bed and resumed his nap. He is officially off the beans. Dinner was soft chicken and baked sweet potato.

My knee is 90% better, but still not 100%. I have two weeks to get it in shape for Disney. My daughter made a reservation for Delaney's first ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Delaney is obsessed with riding it, and riding "the big ball" - Spaceship Earth at Epcot. I haven't been on Thunder Mountain since Delaney's mom was a kid! It's the kind of roller coaster I enjoy; it's an experience, not a whoosh-fast stomach-lurch and it's over. I think she'll love it. She's not a little just turning three anymore. She's a big going on four, with the vocabulary and determination of a much older child. She talks non-stop (about everything, all day) and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is on her mind and on her must-do list.

Grandma's knee will be fine by then. I'm excited.

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Karen said...

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of my favorites!

Any thoughts on your recent camera purchase? I'm in the market for a new camera and the one you got is one I'm considering.