Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Long Time No Blog.

It's hot. The work days are long. I am hiding in the A/C and not getting enough exercise. I spend my days staring into computer monitors and come home too drained to sit in front of another screen and write anything halfway coherent. (I'm writing this in the morning with my second huge mug of coffee.)

It's hot, hot, criminally, ridiculously hot, and we have probably another month of this before we start to get a break. Work is insane. The days are long and run together in a blazing, sweaty, miserable soup. It's 80 degrees at 5:30 a.m., and while we do get some cooling afternoon rain some days, many days we don't. We didn't yesterday. It was 97 degrees when I left the office.

I hope it cools off to a balmy 90 by this weekend,'s Disney Time Again! The summer block out is over, and our seasonal Florida resident passes are in effect again. Yaaay! We are of course going later in the day and hoping for a slightly cooler evening. Even a passing rainstorm would be welcome, as long as it doesn't last all night.

At least my knees are now fabulous. I'm now an evangelist for Cosamin DS. I'd stopped taking it years ago because it really is expensive, and switched to a cheaper brand of glucosamine, which, I'll admit, I took sporadically. After hobbling around with sore knees for over two weeks after bowling last month, I decided to start taking it again, hoping for at least some improvement. To my shock, my knees responded in about a week, and now feel better than ever! Disney will be the real test, of course - I routinely walk anywhere from 7 to 10 miles on a Disney Day.

Work is exhausting and insane, as I said. I'm planning to take a couple of vacation days around Labor Day weekend. I considered the idea of going up to AVL, but I think I'll hold that thought until Thanksgiving. I'm also working on talking my son into coming down for a long weekend this winter, so we can take Supergirl to Disney World. She's five and has never visited Mickey Mouse. It seems so wrong to me that Delaney gets to practically live there, thanks to her insane Disnerd Mom and Grandma, and her cousin has never been. We need to fix this before she outgrows the prime Magic years. Disney is always magic, IMHO, but it's special and different when you are a princess-mad little girl. The two girls love each other and don't get to see each other nearly enough, and I really want them to have a couple of days together at Disney this year.

And now it's 6 a.m. and I need to get moving on my morning.


KatyaR said...

I feel your pain. We finally got a bit of a break from the 100+ heat this week. And today we had RAIN--glorious, cool, big RAIN. The high was supposed to be 91, it's 81 now, but it was only 76 at late afternoon. I had the day off and was out before 7 to get the last 2 tires on the car replaced and run errands, and it was amazing, it felt like mountain weather. August is always bloody hot, so this was a wonderful break. Sadly, it's supposed to heat back up next week, but I think we're supposed to stay in the low 90s. Let's hope, I'm so ready for fall.

besshaile said...

sending healing thoughts, work fairies to whisk you into a less stressful job - soon!!! - and afternoon shower juju. Hope it all works.

I've missed you. Summer is insane. Sept. is roaring down upon us.