Sunday, August 30, 2015

So, Weekend Wrap-up.

Tropical Storm Erika fizzled out before reaching Florida and became Rainy Weekend Erika, or basically, normal weather Erika.

Another weekend is ending, and I'm going to bed early, psyching myself to face the week with a positive attitude. Honest, I am.

My phone interview on Friday went very well. I'm supposed to do a face-to-face interview, which hasn't been scheduled yet since this is through a recruiter. Interviewer has to coordinate schedules on her end and then contact recruiter, who will in turn contact me.

Meanwhile, there's another job that sounds very promising and to which I will send a resume. Can't hurt.

Murphy is lively, but we don't even want to talk about how much pee and poop I've cleaned up in the last 72 hours. My weekend began with stepping in diarrhea after opening the front door, in my best sandals, and splashing same on my jeans and purse. The weekend could only improve from there, and it did. My neighbors are too polite to say that they heard me screaming FUUCK!!! and conjugating it in many creative ways. I'm hoping the pouring rain coming down at the time (again, still) drowned it out.

Yet I can't even imagine ending this, because he really is quite perky and enjoying life, and I owe him this.

The garage door at The House is busted, needs a cable. Not a huge, expensive fix, but seriously? I had the whole damn thing replaced, lock, stock and very scary huge springs, maybe 6 or 7 years ago. Garage doors should be a 15-20 year item.

Oh, and their dryer is now coughing up oil stains all over their clothes (it's ancient and has been fixed many times, it's time to shoot it) so she brought an emergency load to my house to dry today. We ate veggie burgers. Delaney loves a good veggie burger. The dryer can't be replaced (and the trash and recycling can't go out, and a whole lotta things can't get done) until the garage door is working again.

And I have a couple of kids sweaters on needles and I'm working them all toward the finish line(s). But you know I'm suddenly in the mood for some really easy, flat knitting. I need me a mindless scarf. Mindless. Really, really mindless.


Brenda said...

I am working on a Zick Zack scarf.

It is pretty mindless, but there is counting to six involved. I bought a kit for it at Stitches Midwest---everytime I walked by the model, the colors in the yarn caught my eye. Sock Knitters Anonymous starts again next month, and my plan is to work on this scarf between pairs of socks. (You can't cast on your socks until the first of the month, so if you finish your current socks before the end of the month, you have a little down time until the next challenge starts again at the first of the next month.) Can you confine Murphy to one room or something while you are gone? When I went back to work, I bought some cheap baby gates at WalMart and use them to confine Hannah to the kitchen while I'm at work. I do come home to a little lake of pee most days, but at least it's limited to my 1972 vinyl. I don't know how well she can see anymore, so I'm also glad that I don't have to worry about her falling down the stairs or something while I'm away. She will be 14.5 on October 4th, and I feel blessed that she is still doing pretty well for her age.

Catherine said...

I have started closing off the door to the hall that leads to the second bath, laundry and office, and I close my bedroom door, and paper the floor with pee pads. I hesitate to use a gate because of Sophie; I'm afraid she'd stage a jailbreak to bust Murphy out and someone would get hit with a falling gate.

Anonymous said...

We had much the same senior care with our girl before finally giving it up. The last few months she could not get up by herself, so it was a constant monitoring to clean her up and keep her dry. Fortunately I could get her onto pee pads, although somehow she managed to scrunch herself off of them all the time. She finally let us know it was time...


Catherine said...

Well, honestly, once Murphy gets to the point where he can't get up and walk around, it'll be game over. I'm not home to do that kind of care; mama has to work because we all have to eat. But he's nowhere near that point - he is as I type this bitching at me to share my dinner. He has times when he seems a bit unsteady, but they pass. He's still 75% his old self.

Zippi Kit said...

Close your eyes mindless? Sweet little Murfphy, giving you surprise prezzie here and there and everywhere. Glad he's still at 75%. 😎