Sunday, August 16, 2015

Well, that sucked.

But the other thing didn't.

Our first, big triumphant return to Disney World, after our weeks of Florida Resident Pass block-out date exile, was rather spectacularly rained out.

Oh we went, because we (my daughter and Delaney and I) are all about wishful thinking. My son-in-law actually believed The Weather Channel app. I argued that the Accuweather app was far more optimistic! So we went. My son-in-law scored many I Told You So points for the bank yesterday.

It rained. It didn't just rain, because ordinary afternoon rain isn't a deal killer. This was huge downpours and thunder and lightning, which shut down all the rides we wanted to ride. We took refuge in one of the things I've never, ever done at Disney World: The Country Bear Jamboree. (Hereinafter: "CBJ".)

CBJ is one of the most vintage of the vintage Disney attractions. In over 30 years of Disney visits, I'd somehow managed to miss it, and now I know how wise that aversion really was.

I saw it. I can say I did, and will never, ever do it again. It makes the other very vintage Old School Disney attractions: the Enchanted Tiki Room and the adorably Old People Carousel of Progress seem cute and fun and charmingly kitschy.

CBJ is an unpleasant kind of vintage. Let's just say it didn't age well, and leave it at that, shall we? But it was a place to hide from the rain that rained out everything we really went there to do while we hoped against the Weather Channel app that the rain would let up. So I can say I did it, and will never do it again.

The thing that nobody tells you beforehand? Those bears are actually creepy ugly, not cute. The lyrics, when we could hear them over the crowd, were actually kinda disturbing too, with subtexts of blood and shootin' and cheatin' on your fat, ugly wife. Delaney kept announcing loudly that she didn't like it at all, and turned her back on the show several times. Future careers: Engineer, Vet, Theater Critic.

But apparently CBJ has a following, because much of the audience did appreciate it. Delaney's piercing comments were drowned out by people clapping and stomping and getting into it. Apparently I'm a card carrying Snotty Yankee Big City Bitch, because I wouldn't sit through that shit again for less than a million dollars, tax free. Ew, ew, ew.

One of the most amusing parts of the not at all amusing evening was watching tourists respond to a Florida thunderstorm.
Every now and then a big crack of thunder created a huge, simultaneous shriek from hundreds of voices in unison. We smiled. That's how you separate the tourists from the locals. We just mutter, "That was a good one."

My daughter has a black belt in Fast Pass scheduling, and got us into a couple of Miss D's favorite indoor things to do: Small World, and the fabulous Mickey's Philharmonic, which I will say saved the evening. She sat on Daddy's lap and had a fabulous view of the 3D show and was very into it and very cheered up. She didn't love it at all when even Mommy and Grandma said we had to leave, because the rain, it just kept on coming down. Many tears were shed, but the rain showed no sign of letup and all the things we wanted to do were closed due to monsoon conditions.

So, that certainly sucked.

So, what didn't suck so much?

Not my job. That sucks like a rainy night at WDW with a tearful, disappointed preschooler.

But around 3, 3:30 on Friday, my cell phone received two calls from unfamiliar numbers in quick succession, like, 5 minutes apart. Two calls from two different recruiters who wanted to talk to me about a job with a local company - same job. I was fair, and called the first one back, and did a driving in my car cell phone interview on my way home from work. If the company wants to interview me, I'll hear in a week. Even if I don't, it was a nice little ego boost - my resume got two different headhunters to call and email me. I've still got it. ;-)

And I need to freaking remember that and get serious about getting out of the situation I'm in, a situation I completely hold myself responsible for, because I leaped before looking.

And now it's almost 9:30, and that means bedtime. I'm going to be better about blogging, I swear. I write so many blog posts in my head in the car. They're really good, too, in my head, in the car.

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Brenda said...

Back in the mid 1980's, when my then husband and I visited WDW, we would go to the CBJ so we could sit in the air conditioning for a few minutes. (We had kind of a little route figured out.) As I remember it, it was kind of dated and out of touch thirty years ago. Good luck on the job situation---I started working at our local chiropractic college a few weeks ago. So far, I really like it. In our craptastic Iowa economy, there aren't a ton of fabulous jobs open to 50-something-year-old women. As I interviewed for jobs, I met allot of extremely biased young people who made me very angry. I really wanted to remind some of those $#$%^ 20-somethings that if they live long enough, they're going to be 53 themselves someday, and what goes around usually comes around.