Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Epcot Day

The skies were very threatening when we arrived at the Grand Floridian for the Character Breakfast. Rain clouds were looming and a visit to Epcot was looking iffy. We had a bit of a wait for the character breakfast, and both adult vacationers were slightly worse for wear and ready for vacation to be over.

Delaney was still going strong, and the character breakfast was a lot of fun again.

Alice and Delaney talked about how last year, Delaney was in her Alice dress.

The Mad Hatter apologized for interrupting our tea. Delaney informed him that she was drinking juice.

I had driven down to meet them for the breakfast, so we had two cars. Daddy decided he had enough and took their car and went home, while Delaney, Mommy and I went on to Epcot. The skies were ominous, but we figured Delaney would at least get a ride on "the big ball" before the rain came.

Spaceship Earth under threatening skies.

The magic was strong again. While the skies remained gray and rain was visible in the distance, none fell on us. And once again, there were many small moments to treasure, like introducing Delaney to the jumping water fountains outside the Imagination! pavilion.

A small area near a refreshment stand has several sets of drums, and Delaney of course had to play while her mommy bought cold drinks.

She started to fade in late afternoon, but perked up to have a chat with and pose for a photo with Belle.

Whenever Delaney meets a character they have a lengthy and animated conversation. We worried about monopolizing Belle's time, but her photographer assured us that Belle loved it! She said that most people don't speak, they just pose for a photo and say thank you. Belle loved a chance to kneel and chat with a little fan and there was no need to rush her along; these character meetings are supposed to be a chat. A child like Delaney, who can discuss scenes from the movie and talk about the other characters, makes Belle and the other Disney characters very happy.

It was an exhausting but magical few days, and we all agreed that we want to save our pennies for another Disney weekend next year. It's great to be able to visit the parks as often as we do, but there really is something special about staying on property. I'm working on my son, talking him into coming down for a visit early this winter. Supergirl has never visited, and I am hoping she can come when the parks are decorated for Christmas. The giant gingerbread house must be seen to be believed.

Back to reality today, but I'M STILL ON VACATION!!! HOORAY!!!

Fingers crossed I hear about the job I interviewed for last week. The best ending to this vacation would be to go in Monday and give notice.

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