Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hello September!

Supergirl's First Day of Kindergarten was a rousing success! She loves school.

I have a second interview for that job on Friday morning. I have two other prospects worth pursuing.

Which is good, because I'm damn near cleaning a fish on my desk. (Office Space reference; all the corporate types will get it.) I think my boss might get there first.

Let's see if I can tell this day's insanity without any revealing details. I think I can.

You hire a guy to manage a thing. You pay this guy many, many dollars, in the thousands every month, to manage this thing.

Then you get an email from the guy, politely bitching at YOU, the client, about things that aren't making him happy, and why is this so? You need to fix it NOW!

Then you, the, yes, that's right, the CLIENT, tells someone (that would be me) who has zero background in these things to figure it all out and fix it. Because ultimately the stuff just has to get done.

And I spent three hours on the phone with this company and that, only to find that the ball that was dropped was dropped by someone who is not us the CLIENT, and that basic things that had to happen on the other side didn't. The side that is ostensibly managed by the guy writing the Email of Woes about how his client has disappointed him and is making his job so, so hard.

The things that weren't done were things that someone who is not me had to do. Like call people to inspect things, like schedule things, like, I dunno, all the shit the guy was getting paid many thousands every freaking month to do.

And, as a special, added bonus, I get harassing emails from his assistant asking me about the status of invoices. I've been explaining for a solid YEAR now that I don't work in accounting, and once we turn in our invoices the timing of the checks is out of our hands. My boss talked to her boss and told her to stop harassing me about this shit. Today she emailed me and cc'd her boss, asking why I don't respond to her emails about the invoices!!! OMG!!!

I didn't respond, because the only response that I want to send at this point is: "I didn't answer you because we've had this email exchange every month for a solid year now. Fuck you and your worthless boss. You people don't know the first thing about client service, and I don't know how your business survives because you REALLY suck. I don't understand why we are still paying you, and if I do nothing else in my time at this company, I intend to make it my mission to get rid of you." So I didn't respond.

I did greet my boss, who had been in the field wrestling other fuckups by people who are not us, with, "Remind me again why the fuck we pay this guy?"

It's a race to see who cleans a fish on the desk first. My boss has a major advantage in that he actually DOES fish.


Zippi Kit said...

Cogratulations to Super Girl!
And reference to cleaning a fish on the desk? It's one of our favorite movies. Lol
Best wishes on landing that first job

Anonymous said...

Maybe he will bring a second fish for you and you can do it together.
Congrats to Supergirl!