Friday, September 04, 2015


I mean, a real vacation. Not a "take two days off long weekend" vacation. Not a "I'll be at Home Depot buying paint because that's what I'm doing on my vacation!" vacation. I am taking four vacation days, which means I am off for, count 'em, NINE DAYS IN A ROW! I can't remember when I had this many days off with no to-do list since...ever?

I'm not going anywhere for most of it. I'll sleep in, ride my bike, go to the pool, read, cook, knit. But first, tomorrow bright and early,

I'm going to Disney World! I'm not just going to Disney World, I'm gonna sleep over there for one night, for the first time ever in my life!!!

Basically, I'm tagging along on the trip my daughter booked, at a "value price" resort. It's Days Inn prices, no spa on the premises, no giraffes outside your balcony window. But it has giant characters Miss D will recognize from her favorite movies, and it's on property, so it comes with not to be sneezed at perks. Like Grandma can buy things in the gift shop and not have to think about how to get them through the park all day undamaged - they will deliver them to the room! It was too late to get a separate room for me, so I'm sharing for one night just so I can do the resort guest "Magic Hours" late night at the Magic Kingdom. I'll bug out at some point on Sunday, and come back Monday for character brunch at 1900 Park Fare. That is where we did Delaney's birthday brunch last year, and she (and her father) have been talking about it, and wanted to do it again, so my daughter booked it. It was well worth the money. So I'll be popping in and out of Disney for the next few days. Dog sitter is booked and a text message away if I stay longer or whatever. I need to pack!

Work stories - oh my, I will share them at my leisure, but let's just say my eye was twitching before noon today, and that is not good. I really need this freaking break.

Second job interview went quite well, I think. I met the boss, and the survey manager. I was given a surprise test, where I had to identify parcels on the Florida "Section Township Range" grid - he'd point to a square, and I had to think a bit, then the order of the description came back to me: That one is the NE half of the NW quarter of Section WhateverNumber. I did about four of those when he gave me what apparently was their stumper. I said I had to take a minute, but it didn't take long before I could rattle off something like the NE Quarter of the SW Quarter of...on and on. I hadn't done that in years but I do know it, and it came back. I'd say I have a fair chance at this job, and I felt comfortable. I interviewed with two managers, answered a bunch of formal corporate questions: "If you were faced with this situation, how would you respond?" and I know I felt like myself. I had my own questions, and they were answered. I also have other prospects dangling out there, which may or may not come to fruition. In an ideal world, I'll get a thumbs up or down on this interview while I'm off next week, so I can plan accordingly. But after coming back from that interview and walking into the Wide World of WTFs that is my current situation, being able to focus on ONE aspect of a complicated real estate project, without having to suddenly shift gears to deal with marketing and permitting and every other function in the entire business in the span of a morning, and also get calls from people pissed off about HOA issues - a job focused on land research sounds so peaceful.

What sounds even more peaceful? NOT THINKING ABOUT WORK for nine whole days in a row. I told the guys that if they must text me, I will respond. I set an email away message and a voicemail "I"m outta here" message, and I swear to God, I am NOT going to think of work for nine days. It may be the best I've ever done when not on heavy meds in an ICU.


KatyaR said...

We must be thinking alike. I had today off to make a 4-day weekend, I work 4 days next week, and then I'm off for 9 days. We are having our own version of WTF World at work and I need a break desperately. I plan to work on a quilt, make a dress, finish some other things, and just VEG OUT.

Enjoy your vacation!

Brenda said...

Have fun---I just started a new job, so I won't be able to take off for what seems like 11,000 years. But---I am going to spend as much of my three-day weekend burrowed into my sewing room and watching "Scandal" on Netflix as I can.

(Actually, I work at a college, so we get several "free" days off with pay while the students are on their Christmas break. For my real job, I worked for the government for over 30 years, and we were lucky to have them let us use our vacation to take off through the holidays because they could only let so many people be gone at one time.)

Anonymous said...

WOW- I started following you a few months before the "brain Thang" and I think you are right- I don't remember you taking more than one or two vacations in that time. Good for you!!!! I have planned a trip to NYC in the fall for the first vacation in almost a decade. I will find plenty to amuse myself with. I do hope the job thing works out. It would be so nice for you to get a job with good benefits, that hopefully won't drive you around the bend. (Frankly though, all companies are crazy, I think).