Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vacation is Over. Boo.

Today is my last day of vacation. I didn't "accomplish" much at all, and it was lovely. I did exactly as I promised - I spent a few days reading, knitting, sleeping in, puttering around the house. Today is forecast to be rainy and gray, and I think I'll spend it fooling around in the kitchen, after I sit down and finish the continuing ed for my real estate license. This has been a very different vacation for me - I intentionally didn't set any goals, things I had to get done, and I refused to fret over any perceived "lack of accomplishment."

I impulsively bought a big bag of pecans at Costco on Friday. I was in the mood for something that felt like fall, though it will be weeks before we get much of a break in the Florida heat. I think I'll make a batch of these candied pecans. They are addictive, and really wonderful tossed onto a salad.

Thank you all for your comments and support about Murphy. He's doing okay, all things considered. I'm indulging him as much as I dare, feeding him whatever he wants to eat, even though lately it's Teddy Grahams and whatever I'm eating for dinner. The expensive canned food? Yeah, it's a good thing Sophie likes it. His Bossy Majesty ate it for two meals and now won't touch it. Figures. He's eating very little, sleeping a lot, but when he's awake he's surprisingly perky. I don't think it's "time," and I still think he'll let me know when it is. For now, I'm just bulk-buying paper towels and cleaning products.

Tomorrow I have to go in to the office and give notice. This will be both happy and stressful. I do like the guys I work with very much and I don't want to leave them in a lurch, but damn, I do want to leave the frustration and madness that is that job. I'm not leaving my job because of the people; I like nearly everyone I deal with, and have figured out a way to tolerate the difficult person. This move is about the work. I know what I like to do and what I'm best at, and I'm not able to do any of that where I am. Management doesn't care. I'm very much looking forward to a saner work life focused on research, not to mention a much bigger employer with a more attractive office in a better location, and a much shorter and more pleasant commute. It's all good. I know my boss won't be surprised that I'm leaving. We've discussed my job dissatisfaction (our mutual dissatisfaction) and I'd let him know I put my resume into circulation. I'm still not looking forward to this conversation, and the next two weeks are going to be hard. Catching up after vacation is always difficult, and I'll be combining that with getting organized for my departure. It's going to be a frantic couple of weeks, but this too shall pass.

And now it's time to get on with the last day of vacation.

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Anonymous said...

I hope everything went well with your return to work. Eagerly waiting to hear how it went.

-- Milissa