Monday, October 12, 2015

Four Years Ago Today

This happened.

And she grew and grew:

So to celebrate, my Disney-mad daughter planned a day at the Animal Kingdom, followed by dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Wicked Stepsisters, and the Mice!

Disney's decor is beyond description. Delaney is the one who spotted the inlaid tile in the Grand Floridian's lobby on this trip. Characters are subtly woven into ornate designs. As we arrived, we had a moment of Disney Magic. We were greeted by a lovely older gentleman, who when he learned it was Delaney's birthday, handed her a penny from his pocket, and instructed her to toss it into the lobby fountain as she made her wish - and she must keep her wish a secret, because why? This is Disney, where wishes come true! He was so charming and genuine.

(Grandma was delighted by the elegant icewater dispenser and cups discreetly located near the door to the breezeway. I was majorly dehydrated after a day at Animal Kingdom.)

The stepsisters are hilarious, btw. Most kids just pose for photos, tongue-tied, but Delaney engages and chats. She asked one of the stepsisters why they tore up Cinderella's dress. She instantly responded in a haughty tone, "We didn't tear it up, it fell apart! It was put together by a bunch of birds and mice! She should have gotten a real dressmaker!"

The dinner menu at 1900 Park Fare is amazing. Pro tip: Ignore the high profile carving station stuff and head directly to the other options. They had an udon noodle salad that was to die for. My daughter raved about the butternut squash ravioli. My son-in-law estimated that he ate $16 of salmon. :-) We all, including Delaney, hit the peel and eat shrimp hard. They had another cold shrimp plate not listed on the menu, with diced avocado and veggies, that was also to die for. Desserts were just okay - tiny finger food portions, which make sense after you eat your body weight in salmon. We all declared it worth the price. This is not a place you'd go if you don't have kids with you. It's noisy as hell, and crowded and you dodge large mice and Wicked Stepsisters on the way to the buffet, but the food is quite wonderful.

Oh, and should you ever want to get married at the Wedding Pavilion, you can be transported to your wedding in a coach:

The Wedding Pavilion does a booming business.

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