Saturday, November 14, 2015

Give Me a Break! (Please.)

We have been breaking heat records here in Orlando in mid-November. This should be our lovely time of year, with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s, and cool, comfortable nights. Nuh-uh. Day after day, we've broken record high temperatures. This weekend we are promised a break from the record-breaking and at least a couple of days of seasonable, comfortable weather. Of course, we are supposed to be back in the upper 80s next week, but at least this weekend we will have a taste of normal weather.

As much as I would like to run away to Disney and play, this weekend I need to be a responsible adult. I have several Disney trips on the schedule for the next few weeks and I must whip this place into shape first. Call it Fall Cleaning. After months of hiding in the A/C, it's finally time to open up and air things out. Aaah.

And I really must knit! I am still on a knitting hiatus, and I need to snap out of it. Delaney will be nagging me for her bright pink hoodie, and it really is close to done. After the cleaning binge it will be time to get to my knitting.

Time to get to it. More later, maybe.


Caroline said...

Everything ok, there, Catherine? Hope the cooler weather arrived.

Catherine said...

It's allegedly arriving today. At least for a day or two. I just posted an update about my technical difficulties - I'll be back, I swear. ;-)