Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I'll bet you thought I was done talking about poop.

Murphy's poop issues were a frequent topic over the last six or so years, and after he passed, one would think that the blog would move on to other things. Not quite yet.

I think I mentioned that Sophie had been droopy and not herself. This coincided with Murphy's departure, so I chalked it up to missing him and switching from the expensive prescription dog food to regular old premium fancy dog food, with the crock pot chicken on top as usual. She didn't have diarrhea, she just had soft, runny, yellowish poop. She gets this for a day or so after her heartworm med, but this time it lasted longer. I had been keeping a watchful eye, but after she went for her regular vet visit a couple of weeks ago and was pronounced healthy, I figured this poo shall pass. It didn't, and I was thinking just yesterday that maybe I needed to take her in for another look. I had finally dropped off the stool sample in the vial provided at the vet visit just this weekend.

Today one of the vet techs called. Miss Sophie has hookworms! Miss Sophie is on Sentinel, so worms were really very low on my list of things that might be upsetting her tummy, so I'm glad I finally got that stool sample turned in two weeks after her checkup. I was thinking stress, change of diet, I was not thinking worms, because she was on Sentinel, which is supposed to stop those things.

So today I picked up two alarmingly large looking doses of dewormer, and another little container for a recheck of the stool sample. Happily, Sentinel is picking up the tab, because she should not have gotten hookworms while on their product. I dreaded giving Sophie the dewormer. It looked like 3 ml of yellowish awful and I pictured a wrestling match, spitting, and yellowish stuff spat everywhere. That was the best surprise of the day. I put her on the couch, paper towels at hand, got her in an armlock and started squeezing the med in, and she lapped it up happily! It actually smelled like vanilla pudding. She followed me to the kitchen when it was gone, she wanted more of that yummy stuff! I'm sure she will be fine, and it's on Sentinel's tab, so no biggie. She gets a repeat dose November 24, then I drop off another sample for a recheck. I'm not paying for it and she's not desperately ill, so whatever. I'm just glad the huge tube of dewormer med was tasty.


Liz said...

You probably already know this, but be ready for gross poop after the dewormer! The great-late Gary Cat had a tapeworm when I got him and it was both fascinating and terrifying. (I don't know if hookworms will be different, but oh boy was I glad they warned me.)

Catherine said...

She's been having odd yellow poop for about three weeks. Today's was the same. I'm guessing that in a few days we'll see a healthy normal poop again.