Saturday, November 07, 2015

Miss D's First Sleepover at Grandma's!

It's my daughter and son-in-law's 5th anniversary, and they are treating themselves to a child-free evening at Disney, doing Grownup Disney Things, like a peaceful dinner at a sit-down restaurant that serves fancy wine, and riding the grownup rides, and not having to constantly check on a small person's mood and need to pee. They've never gone to Disney without Delaney, and my daughter the Reservations Ninja actually scored a last minute dinner seating at the Be Our Guest restaurant. It obviously was meant to be, because those reservations are insanely hard to come by and are made months in advance. We have a dinner reservation hanging out there for a seating in FEBRUARY! She swooped in online last night and scored a table for two for tonight, taking advantage of a last-minute cancellation, so their plans pretty much made themselves. Yes, my daughter is a serious Disney Geek, and her first thought of a night out sans child was "Oooh, we can go to a sit-down restaurant at Disney!" We do get our money's worth from our annual passes.

So I will have Miss D (who is NOT going to be told where her parents are going without her) overnight. We are going to pretend camp in the living room - she's bringing her sleeping bag and wants to make popcorn and watch movies. (I said it was pretend camping.) I'm going to make a stop at JoAnn's this morning for some new art supplies, too. She is quite the artist, and she can be kept busy for hours with a fresh pack of construction paper, safety scissors and a glue stick. We will have a blast. An exhausting blast.

Wish me luck.

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Joan said...

You will have a wonderful time. I hope you can spend all Sunday lying on a chaise longue and fanning yourself as you recover!