Sunday, November 22, 2015

Technical Difficulties...please stand by....

Sorry about the blog silence. My ancient (12 years old? 13 YEARS OLD?) MacBook's battery just up and died, so convenient blogging with morning coffee became...inconvenient. I have written many posts in my head, and even started a few on paper, but they somehow don't magically appear here. I just don't want to sit in front of the elderly iMac anymore, it's too much like being at the office. Not that there's anything wrong with the office, but I sit in front of large, bright computer screens all day at work, and really need a change of posture and attitude when I get home.

So I just emptied my coin can (no, seriously, I have an old Harney's tea tin that has been collecting coins for this purpose for a year) and scraped the couch cushions, and went out of pocket for the rest, and dropped a couple hundred dollars on an "in a pinch" alternative to the shiny new Macbook real computer my soul covets. My soul will have to suck it up and make do.

I think this HP Stream 11.6-Inch Laptop (Intel Celeron, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD, Violet Purple) with Office 365 Personal for One Year will get me by until I can afford a real (by this I of course mean an Apple) laptop. And damn it's just so cute! For writing in bed with coffee, I think it'll work just fine. It is precious! And it's purple! I suspect I'll have to pry it from Delaney's covetous fingers when she sees it. I'll get her one of her own when she can type, but until then, it wouldn't do her much good. It doesn't have a touch screen or any fancy stuff, it's a utilitarian little device that types words and shares them with the internets. But it's PURPLE, and it is my Christmas gift to me. (If my kids would like to get me a new, faster router, that would be really appreciated.)

Anyway, no drama here, just technical difficulties. Thank you to those who still stand by. I have plans for the Bossy Little Doghouse, I swear.

Next week, maybe?

P.S: For those who are wondering "Why doesn't she just buy a new battery for the Macbook?": A new battery for a 12 year old Macbook is hard to find, and therefore nearly as expensive as the entirely new notebook from HP. I can't update the OS on the Macbook anymore, it's just too old for all the newfangledness. It was still functional for Blogger but not much else, and if I had to pick where I would put my tea tin of quarters, it didn't make sense to spend on a new battery for what is basically a relic. The Brave Little Macbook served well, but it's time to retire it.


KatyaR said...

I feel your pain. I just coughed up some dough to buy a new laptop, but I went a bit higher up than you did. A Toshiba 17.3" laptop with a 750GB hard drive, 6GB memory, the works. Funny thing, it cost $20 more than the 40GB laptop I bought 10 years ago. But that laptop has a bad screen, and my desktop is on its last legs, so I was desperate. I'd love to have a pretty Mac, but I wouldn't know how to act if I had one. I'm hoping Windows10 doesn't eat my lunch.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Sophie!!!

Catherine said...

I'm resigned to living in a Windows world for work reasons, but I don't love it. I do have an old Windows laptop, but it's been on semi-permanent loan to my daughter, who had to have a Windows based machine to talk to the companies she's contracted through (that arrangement may be changing soon, cross your fingers). But I like the idea of having something like a netbook, but more practical. I actually looked at a much-less-fancy than your Toshiba as an option, but truth be told, the frivolous girly purple HP won my heart, and is perfect for how I'll be using it. I wanted something small, light and nimble that I can stick in my bag and take anywhere, or balance on my knees on the couch.