Wednesday, November 25, 2015


My little HP Stream arrived, and I set it up, and somehow Internet Explorer didn't install in its normal format and I ended up with Microsoft Edge and something I'll never use called Cortana. I opened, and immediately got an error message that this isn't a supported browser. I cannot figure out how to get rid of Edge and just use the basic shitty IE! I am going to download Chrome and hope it doesn't eat all the memory on this itty bitty gadget, and then somehow figure out how to get rid of Edge, whatever the fuck it is.

This is otherwise a precious little gadget, a cross between a tablet and a PC. It weighs almost nothing and yet can run MS Office, which is the ubiquitous working world's universe. It weighs less than my elderly iPad. It has a decent keyboard, and as soon as I send Microsoft Edge back to the depths of hell from which it came, I think I'll like it just fine. It's really hard for a program to make me long for IE, but Edge has accomplished that. It's like Microsoft looked all around the internet and decided that the thing it wanted to replicate was the Yahoo default homepage. It. Must. Die.

Let's see if this posts, or comes out in Martian or something, because we are back in Windows world and all sorts of shitty errors are just how it is.

P.S.: I've been doing some reading, and apparently you cannot get rid of Edge and Cortana, they are baked into Windows 10. You can only resent their existence while using a better browser.

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