Friday, December 11, 2015

Busy Holiday Weekend Ahead.

The weather is still not seasonal. It is, as the morning weather likes to gently point out, "several degrees above normal." The AC is still running when it should be off. But this weekend is another weekend of feeling at least somehwat like Christmas!

Tomorrow morning Miss D is going to follow in her uncle's path and participate in a local Christmas parade. He was a Cub Scout who marched in this parade years ago. She's going to be riding the float for her dance studio.All she has to do is dress up festive and show up, and she's SO excited! She's VERY excited about being in a parade! All she has to do is dress up in something festive and wave, and she's totally ready for that! I'm afraid this may be a bit of a letdown after the Disney parades she's witnessed, but maybe not, because she's IN this one!

On Sunday, my daughter and I are going to get our barely annual mother-daughter day out. Maybe once in every, oh, 14, 16 months, we get to do lunch or something.

But this M-D day will be extra special, because we are going to the Eukanuba National Dog Show on Sunday, just the two of us, followed by IKEA! Just my daughter and I, on a (very, very) rare mother daughter afternoon. Miss D was invited to the dog show, but said no thanks. It's boring for her, and that's fine, and I'm glad she felt free to cheerfully decline. Her dad doesn't get it either, so it'll be just the two serious crazy dog ladies snorgling dogs and prowling IKEA after. Next week is a holiday lunch and Miss D's dance recital. Christmas is really busy this year. Good thing I didn't promise Christmas knitting.


KatyaR said...

We've had mid-60s 70s weather this week. After the ice storm we had over Thanksgiving, this is nuts. It's supposed to get colder next week. It makes me worry over how winter will be. We've already had massive power outages that, for some people, lasted a week. I really don't want that to happen again.

Have fun at the dog show and Ikea! You deserve a day out.

Anonymous said...

Miss D is starting down a road to a career at Disney methinks. She is certainly adorable enough for it! We are also having unseasonably warm weather in the mid-Atlantic- we have the windows open and the fan blowing. I'm not complaining, however. It will get cold and dreary eventually. Have fun at the dog show and IKEA. Snorgle a few pups for me- I miss my girl. It was almost a year ago exactly that we had to say goodbye.