Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Good BYE, 2015!

I was going to write about getting organized, plans, and my new Fitbit. Life had other plans.

My big, beautiful, healthy baby granddaughter, Willa, who will be a year old next month, is in the hospital tonight.

RSV apparently is making the rounds - my son told me that he'd had a chat with a neighbor they barely know, a "Say hello" neighbor, not a play date, hang out kind of neighbor, who told him the other day that her baby daughter was getting over it. Willa had a respiratory thing too, but general snotiness was going through the household, so they didn't think too much about it at first.

Willa was diagnosed with RSV the day after Christmas. She'd been sick for a couple of days and it wasn't going away, so Saturday her mom took her to a walk-in clinic (their doctor's office was closed). Next thing they knew, they were in an ambulance headed for the ER - where she was evaluated, diagnosed, and released. That was...Saturday? I think. Monday she was not better and seemed to be getting worse, so they took her to her doctor's office. The doctor was on vacation, the staff wasn't too useful, they saw the midwife, who couldn't get an oxygen reading because her tools are only for newborns. Okay.

Today she was having even more difficulty breathing and briefly got a bluish color, so they took her to the ER. She's in the hospital now, on oxygen. My son reports that she's feeling feistier now that her oxygen levels are normal again, so everybody's miserable. She has tubes in her nose and a monitor on her toe, and ain't nobody sleeping tonight.

I'd barely heard of RSV before this, and complications this serious apparently are rare, and usually in either much younger babies, or kids with other medical issues. Willa has no known issues, and this is being chalked up to "just one of those things," by the doctors. It's a really, really shitty thing.

If you're the praying type, or the "sending energy" type, or whatever you want to call it, please send a few vibes Willa's way - along with an energy boost for her parents, who aren't going to get much sleep tonight.


Caroline said...

Prayers, light, good healing vibes, sending all thst and whatever else I can come up with, Catherine. May Willa's good health usher in 2016. Big hugs and heartfelt wishes.

KatyaR said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I've never heard of RSV in anyone other than infants, so this is a surprise to me as well. Hopefully she will bounce back really quickly; it sounds like she's responding well.

Hang in there, this year is almost over. Let's hope 2016 is better for all of us.

Catherine said...

Willa is 11 months, so she's still an infant, technically. She's been eating and didn't have a high fever, just an off-and-on low one, so everyone expected her to bounce back sooner than she has. I'm glad she's finally getting attention from the doctors, who it seems didn't take it seriously at first.

Anonymous said...

Dang! So very sorry. I'm sure this has been scary -- not to mention being a pain all 'round. Positive thoughts and prayers for quick healing and a totally healthy, uneventful 2016. Sincerely, BridgetG

Brenda said...

Prayers and healing thoughts on the way from Iowa---one of my friends has a baby just a few months older than Willa, and she went through this earlier this fall. There were several scary nights spent at the University of Iowa hospital, but she pulled through and is thriving now.

Anonymous said...

My prayers and thoughts are with Willa as well as her family. Crossing fingers as well to cover all bases. I hope that the New Year brings in much needed good news.