Friday, December 18, 2015

Well, that explains the exhaustion.

I had an all day training class yesterday, and an all day headache. I felt like my eyes were having trouble focusing, and when I talked I suddenly realized that my voice sounded like Bea Arthur after smoking a carton of Camels. Other than the headache, I didn't feel sick - my throat didn't hurt, my voice was just so deep and kinda raspy, I could hardly recognize myself. Weird. The headache lasted all day, and by bedtime last night my hands were like ice and my sinuses and throat were itching. Great - this is my big Christmas prep weekend, and I'm going to be sick? I cannot be sick. I can't. No. Tea with honey and lemon before early bedtime, fingers crossed I'd sleep it off.

I woke up this morning feeling "sinusy" but my thoat hasn't progressed past a tickling feeling. I have to go to work today to turn in my time and expenses for the week, or I won't get a paycheck next Thursday, but I'm not sure I'll last all day at this rate.

Today the cold front is supposed to arrive - rain and thunderstorms, and our temps will drop about 30 degrees. We will have some seasonal weather at last, unfortunately NOT on Christmas. Christmas Day may bring record breaking heat; they're talking about 86 degrees. (Normal for this time of year is 72.)

So I cannot get sick this weekend! This is my baking weekend, my house cleaning weekend, my open the windows and freshen the air weekend! I cannot be sick, DAMMIT!

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