Monday, January 18, 2016

Chilly Nights, Tea, Books...aah.

We are finally getting a bit of normal Central Florida winter. A major storm came through on Saturday night, with serious tornado damage in the southwest part of the state. We had wind and heavy, heavy rain. I slept through it. I woke to hear the last drizzles fizzle out, and saw the damage left behind, which wasn't too serious in my neighborhood - a lot of small branches and leaves covered the roads, and the normally dry drainage areas were small lakes. It takes a lot of rain to fill them, I'm amazed that I slept through it!

Today's high won't crack 60 degrees, which is actually a few degrees cooler than average. Nature has been having some major mood swings lately. But it's January, and it's nice to actually put on a sweater and curl up with knitting and a book. I just finished the audiobook of The Martian and I was blown away. I know the movie got rave reviews and Oscar nominations, but I am still old school enough to want to read the book first (I count audiobooks as reading, thankyouverymuch). The audio version was excellent and very hard to turn off. A gripping, intelligent story with a surprising amount of humor - if you've avoided it because it sounded too intense, give it a try. It definitely is intense but leavened with a lot of dry humor - the astronaut is a funny guy.

So that was my one audio credit for the month, and now I'm back to cheap finds for my Kindle. I'm hooked on a new-to-me mystery series: The Coroner's Lunch. Again, a mystery series set in Laos in 1975, and the protagonist is a septuagenarian doctor turned very reluctant coroner, a pragmatic scientist with an unnerving tendency to be visited by the people he autopsies? Huh? I'm not sure what motivated me to try the first book in the series - I think it was a freebie at the time - but I'm so glad I did. From the setting to the characters to the droll humor of the glorious Communist takeover of Laos, it's definitely different.

In other news - Sophie's runny poop came back again, and she's back on metronidazole, a heavier dose and in liquid form this time. She acts fine - she's playful and eating and demanding snacks - but her pooping is definitely not okay, so let's hope that this time we get results. Otherwise, it'll be time for a round of expensive lab tests and God-knows-what after that. I really would like to go six months without a big vet bill, just to see what that's like. Oy.

I didn't win the lottery and another work week looms ahead. January is more than half over, and I'd give myself no more than a C+ on my accomplishments for the month. My nasty head cold really knocked me down for several days, but I'm human again. I think there's still time to pull it up to a B. 10K steps a day and unroll that damn yoga mat. I can. I will.



KatyaR said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. There's been some nasty stuff going around our office, and I had a bought of dizziness last week that nearly put me to the floor. Apparently that's the first sign of this virus, so I immediately started taking Emergen-C to try to ward it off. Other than feeling really tired and not very inspired about anything, so far it seems to have helped, but the tiredness and lack of inspiration is probably due to my workload this month. At least ten deadlines by February 1. Oy indeed.

As for accomplishments this month, I started out really well but have totally bombed this week. If people at work don't stop bring crap to the office to eat, I will not be responsible for my actions. I have totally fallen off the wagon AGAIN, but this week will be better, as god as my witness. I've made some pretty big plans for the next two years, and I need to be working on those goals NOW. But I need a short-term goal to get me back into gear again, so I think I'm signing up for a 5K in March or April. It's either get fit or fall flat on my face.

Hugs to Sophie. I hope she's better soon. Vet bills are no fun, especially so soon after the holidays.

Catherine said...

Dizziness! Yes, I had that too! I left work early two days in a row - the first time I seriously was worried about driving home, but I took back roads and was fine. I did the Emergen-C and all that jazz, but it nailed me anyway.