Monday, January 11, 2016

Lost Weekend

Not lost, exactly, but spent in head cold hell. Lots of tea, lots of fitful sleep, lots of coughing, no voice, sore throat, can't breathe, can't think, exhaustion. I'm feeling somewhat better just in time for the work week to begin.

Sophie remains the same, despite different meds and even a tube of some sort of guaranteed diarrhea stopper. It didn't change her odd yellow runny poop. But she doesn't seem sick, her appetite remains good and she's perky. I have no idea.

Baby the Subaru got some long-deferred maintenance on Saturday, and I'm going to be paying that off all spring. Any thoughts of a new car are also deferred for the foreseeable future.

Lost Cat Update: The cat was hanging around my building yesterday morning while Sophie and I were on our morning walk. I ran into a neighbor who said that a woman and her daughter had been in the neighborhood last week, they think it's their cat. She told me about a missing pets Facebook page for our neighborhood, so I snapped a picture of the cat and posted it in the group. Within an hour I'd heard from several people who tentatively identified the cat's owner as a woman who had posted a plea for the return of her beloved kitten a month ago. It does appear to be the same cat, though this one is quite large for a kitten it does seem young, so it may be the right cat. I messaged that person, no response. The daughter, who appears to be in her early 20s, also responded and said she thinks it's her cat. Neither owner reached out to contact me about the cat's whereabouts, nor did they respond to my attempts to contact them. It's in the 40s at night now, so I upgraded the cat's temporary bed to a warmer arrangement on my front balcony, but the cat didn't sleep there last night. I think it has a few shelters in the neighborhood so I'm sure it's fine. I just don't understand the owners' lack of response, but whatever. I'll continue doing what I'm doing for the poor little lost soul.

So the car is fixed, the worst of my cold has passed, and the work week begins anew. I still have a part time cat.

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