Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Technical Difficulties, Now Fixed.

And I got the router situation fixed, replaced the Macbook with the wee HP Stream, which is okay but isn't working out well for blogging with morning coffee in bed (not impressed with the trackpad, it can be moody), and then also misplaced my camera cable in the same 48 hours that my iMac keyboard quit on me. Found the camera cable, replaced the keyboard with a quite decent, if a little clackity, alternative to the official Apple keyboard that died: Macally Full Size USB Wired Keyboard (MKEYE) for Mac and PC (White) w/ Shortcut Hot Keys. I like this keyboard very much, and for the price? I ADORE it.

Failure of the expensive Apple keyboard (post-warranty, of course) was also the proximate cause of my dumb ass misplacing the camera cable. I was testing the USB ports on the back of the iMac to confirm that the failure was the keyboard, not the ports, and unplugged the camera cable and put it in a "safe place." Sometimes I am reminded of my age with things like this. Or there might have been wine involved. Who can say?

Anyway, all is well, technically and in other ways. Sophie is...(you non dogpeople who followed a search about Mac keyboards or God knows what might want to leave now) POOPING NORMALLY AGAIN!! It took several days of metronidazole, and yes, it appears I have to keep her on the prescription food. Maybe we'll try some other premium brands at some point, but we have established that she is a special snowflake that cannot eat dog food from the supermarket. She came into a household with a special diet dog, and it was easier to put both dogs on the same food (after Mama effed up and gave Murphy the deelicious regular food he couldn't have). After Murphy was gone I experimented with a few brands, and she spent over two months with runny yellow poo. Meds and a return to the prescription diet finally fixed things up, but that food is nasty. So today I went back to cooking skinless, boneless chicken breasts in the crock pot, to shred and mix with the prescription food that is utterly unpalatable without it. Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge, Murphy is wagging his tail and snickering - his legacy lives on.

On Sunday we went to the Manatee Festival, and a good time was had by all. It was cold at first, but warmed up to a quite decent day. I will not bore you with a couple dozen photos of manatees, but this one cracks me up:

Not dead. Just napping flat on his back. We saw him turn over when he woke up. I have no idea how long he was in that position (or, indeed, if he's a he) but apparently they can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes. Maybe he wasn't sleeping. Maybe he was meditating. He looked quite relaxed (not that I've ever seen a stressed out manatee).

This weekend: the Magic Kingdom, now with the Boy Cousins!

I'm working my son, trying to get him to do a family trip to Disney before Supergirl is too old to REALLY experience the magic deep down in her bones. It's magical for older kids too of course, but there's something about the face of a little girl who totally believes, meeting her favorite princesses in person for the first time, that cannot be replicated when she's old enough to wonder if she's "real." But this weekend will be much fun too, as Delaney's paternal grandparents will be bringing her cousins for their First Disney Trip Ever!! SQUEEE!! FastPass Ninja had already booked our rides, but they were able to schedule some overlap, so we will be doing Pirates of the Caribbean together, and I'm hoping we'll get there early enough to have just a short wait for Barnstormer, and they can explore Tom Sawyer's Island together, and of course we have to arrange a parade viewing, and I'm hoping for a personal photo op with Mickey and Minnie. They are slightly older than Delaney, but not too old to be totally blown away by the experience, and I'm happy that I get to tag along and share Disney with them. Now I have to get my own NC granddaughters down here, dammit. I have a dream of a family Disney trip - just four days would do. We don't have to linger at Epcot or Hollywood Studios, and the resorts have so many way cool experiences, like campfires and outdoor movies, and of course, the amazing pools. I'm becoming a nagging salesperson with my son, because I want to share this experience with Supergirl, and I don't think they'd let me kidnap her for a week. I would if I could.


wednesday said...

Glad to hear Sophie is better. Once you start reading about what is in the supermarket dog food brands, you quickly realize that we are doing them no good with that stuff.

We have a great pet store close by that only sells the good stuff, and has a liberal sample and return policy. They are determined to get your dog settled with a food they love and can digest. My special snowflake has Zignature whitefish, at 37 bucks a bag. But it's worth it, especially when you are being a polite dog owner and doing the whole plastic bag on the walk routine.

Brenda said...

Murphy isn't snickering on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge---he is glad that you are thinking about him and wishing he could come back and spend a little more time with his family.

Anonymous said...

Fred (the ancient Jack Russell) and Spike (the teenaged Italian Greyhound) will not even look at Science Diet, even if it is recommended by the RSPCA. I won't touch the supermarket lines, so its off to the specialist pet store for Nutro Lamb and Rice (or Chicken, or Fish) at 37.00 for 3 kg. Australian made, quality ingredients, and never an upset. I could get it cheaper per 100 grams, if I wanted to buy the 10 kg bag, but with such small dogs, why bother? The choice in quality dog (and cat) dried foods is growing by the week, which is wonderful.

Gae, in Callala Bay