Friday, January 22, 2016

Yay, Friday!

It's Friday, it's payday, it's the end of the work week. Yay.

My exactly one year old dryer quit working yesterday. Boo. A guy I work with gave me a name of an appliance repair company he likes, and they are highly rated online, so I'll call this morning. I'm disgusted that a lightly used one year old dryer has an issue already, but glad I had nearly all the laundry done before it decided to stop tumbling anything. But I did not need or expect this crap.

The cold front that is bringing the massive snowstorm to the east coast is bringing us rain and thunderstorms today, and this weekend will be downright cold. the Manatee Festival, and we're planning to go on Sunday. The spring should be crowded with manatees after a couple of nights in the 30s!

The porch cat has a name now. I've been calling her a lot of things, mostly uncomplimentary. I have concluded that she's not very bright, but I'm a sucker and I'll take care of her anyway. She has a cozy bed made from a plastic storage tub turned on its side and piled with fluffy blankets to keep her warm in the cold this weekend, and she gets fresh food and water. She hisses at me and acts like she has no idea who I am. Not a bright cat. Anyway, I've been thinking I should call her something besides "porch cat." She's black with a white belly, and when she's on her side she looks remarkably like an Oreo cookie, so I'm calling her Cookie. Why not Oreo? I don't know, she just doesn't seem like a name brand cat.

She is, however, a food snob! She'll eat Friskies if she's really hungry, but only certain flavors. She obviously wants Fancy Feast. Just another white trash cat with aspirations of Kardashianhood.

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