Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Heat Off. AC On.

Wax On. Wax Off. Never put away the hot weather clothes. Because it's been over 80 and humid for the last few days. Tomorrow? Big rain. Big temp drop.

Sophie's diarrhea returned in spectacular fashion today, but seriously, this dog is crazy smart. She had this massive blast of diarrhea in the shower. This is not the first time she did this, and it's obviously a strategy, not an accident.

So she's going to be on chicken and rice and probiotics tomorrow, and I'll call the vet to see if there is an alternative to the dreaded SD, and try that. If not, we'll have to do further testing and see if it really is the food or something not diagnosed. She's otherwise perky and pestering me, she's solid and not losing weight (other than the weight lost because she was forced to eat that nasty Science Diet I threw out every day, because seriously, it must be yucky). She loved all the premium foods, and the diarrhea had returned while still on the SD, so I don't think it's connected to a brand of food. I think we'll have to spend money on further diagnostics. In the meantime, I cooked a batch of white rice to mix with her plain chicken breast, and I'll do a chicken and rice and probiotic mix for breakfast.

Is it too much to ask to have a dog that shits normally? Apparently so. But she's an outstandingly smart dog. Murphy never, ever thought of confining it to the tile shower.


Anonymous said...

Many decades ago, our Seal Point Siamese, Samantha was accidentally confined to the 'wrong' end of the house (the end without a litter tray!). There were no 'servants' available to act on her 'requests'.

She used the stainless steel kitchen sink, and I gave her full marks for her manners and consideration - stainless steel being SO much easier to clean and sanitise than carpet or upholstery.

Just what goes through their heads when they do something like that?

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

I know! This choice showed real reasoning on her part, and I am so impressed! Sophie is not confined during the day while I'm at work. She could have had this explosion anywhere, and it's all hard flooring (except for a couple of cheap throw rugs). Most dogs would head straight for one of the throw rugs. She intentionally selected the tile shower, and I'm very grateful, because whoa, this was a big one. As I was cleaning up I told her what a good, smart girl she was to confine the mess like that! Now we have to find out why this mess happened in the first place. She appears to feel just fine, we played fetch last night until I made her stop. She'd have played until she passed out. ;-)

wednesday said...

What a gloriously smart girl! Congratulations on that. My dog is sick right now, and the vet sent us home with a few cans of SD. Mavis turns her nose up at it, even though she must be starving. That stuff must taste like ass...well, no, if it tasted like ass she'd be hoovering it down.

Catherine said...

Exactly. Sophie is a slightly picky eater, but not to this extent. She really HATES SD now.

Anonymous said...

Surely you have tried grain-free food!? It worked wonders for Wilbur our rescue dog. He was found on the side of the road in WV; it was thought that he had been thrown from a car. When we got him he was skinny and had minimal bowel control. Since switching to grain-free, he has no problem and has filled out nicely. Good luck with dear Sophie. BridgetG

Diann said...

Have you tried feeding her canned pumpkin mixed with her wet or dry food? Seriously. My vet recommended it for one of my cats who had "explosive" diarrhea and it worked. She even liked it and would eat pumpkin straight from the can if it took too long to mix it in her food. A friend's vet also recommended it for her dog.

Pumpkin gave Maya at least 3 more years (she was 11 when the problem started) which is not be for a cat under any circumstances. And it kept me sane, because cleaning runny poop off the bathroom floor and fixtures was sending me over the edge at a rapid pace.