Tuesday, February 23, 2016

So, this morning I'm sitting in an inexplicable traffic jam on the way to work... CAT UPDATE

when the phone rang. It was the vet's office, so I picked up. I wasn't going anywhere anyway.

Vet tech starts the conversation with, "I have some bad news." My brain of course immediately diagnoses Sophie with terminal cancer and it's a good thing I was sitting still in traffic. Then I came out of my panic when I heard her saying, "Bad news from us, we truly apologize, we totally screwed up."

Long apology short, someone in their office didn't read the chart and sent the Vial of Poo for the WRONG TEST! More apologies and explaining and a credit on my account for the inconvenience, but yes, I will have to collect another. And take a rectal swab for good measure. I can bring Sophie in so they can swab, but honestly, she's such an easy dog, I'm pretty sure I can manage. If she doesn't cooperate I'll just have to bring her in. Their office is ten minutes away if traffic is heavy and the lights are all red, and five if I hit the green, so it's not a big deal. It's just...damn, is this a full moon or what?

I can't remember if I mentioned getting my headlight repaired last month? Subarus of a Certain Age have a known issue with condensation and leakage in the headlight assemblies, which cost over $300 apiece just for the part. Mine has had a minor condensation issue for years, so the bulbs tend to burn out more often than normal. I had one replaced last month, and now another bulb is out. This time, when I walked to my car after work today after a passing rainstorm, I kinda understand why the headlight is out. THREE INCHES OF WATER IN THE HEADLIGHT LENS! Yeah. So. I am planning to retire Baby this year, but not this week. I have some financial rearrangements and paying offs to do before I take on even a modest car payment. So I looked on ebay and found headlights, and I'm going to call my guys at the Firestone (last time I was in there one of them advised looking on ebay) and ask them if they can install them if I buy them. Otherwise, I'm kinda screwed and will have to start asking around and calling in favors. I have only a very basic set of tools and zero automotive headlight assembly installation experience, not to mention a job and a sick dog and OTHER SHIT TO DO. I also don't need a ticket while this is being fixed, but I figure if I'm pulled over and I show the cop the water sloshing around inside the headlight and explain that the new ones have been ordered, I might get a pass. I rarely drive after dark on weekdays, and if this car wasn't equipped with daytime driving lights I might have gone weeks without noticing. Either way it's bye-bye $300, plus the cost of installation. Full moon, or what?

Now, for some comic relief. Last night Porch Cat (n/k/a "PC") showed up as usual for dinner. I left the front door open while PC ate, and PC and Sophie were both unfazed. After finishing yet another delicious meal, PC came to the door.

I went to the door, and PC ran. Came back later to sleep. I woke up this morning and PC was so sound asleep, he/she didn't notice the kitchen lights going on. When I brought breakfast PC hissed at me extra, just to make sure that I knew we were never, ever going to be friends, even though he/she kinda liked looking into the house and it looked interesting.

Tonight I picked up some catnip. I'm going to take an old sock and wear it around the house for an hour or so, then sprinkle a little 'nip inside and tuck it into PC's bed. We shall see if it scares the cat off, has no effect at all, or mellows it out just a tad.

As my daughter put it so succinctly: "Everyone bonds when fucked up."

UPDATE: After I went out of my way to get catnip, the cat didn't show up.


wednesday said...

Had the same problem with my Outback, kept getting pulled over for a brake light. There was a nearly invisible crack in the top, and it would fill up in heavy rain. I got the guy who did my regular service to punch a couple of drain holes in the bottom of the well, and put some silicone sealant over the crack. Worked like a charm. Give it a shot before spending 300 bucks.

Catherine said...

I've heard the punch drain holes fix before, but I'm not sure it'd help with the constant condensation issue that is only getting worse. It's very hot and humid here, obviously, and my headlights look like tiny steamrooms. I'm gonna call my guys this morning and see what they think - they're the ones who told me to shop ebay. :-)