Thursday, February 18, 2016

We were back at the vet yesterday.

I am destined to never, ever have a new car, or a dog that poops normally. Sophie's diarrhea has never quite gone away, and now it's back with a vengeance. Still no accidents in the house, because she's amazingly good, but when she goes, oh my - it's a spluttering squirt gun of brown liquid. That can't feel good! Our longtime, trusted vet is stumped by Sophie's continuing bouts of diarrhea, and we're going with a full panel of outside lab tests. This involves my somehow catching a sample for them and getting it to their offices while it is "fresh." Yes, I have to catch liquid diarrhea in mid-air in a cup, transfer it to the sample container, and deliver it to their office, hopefully without getting any on myself and having to rush to change my clothes before work. Other people might think this is weird, but after years of Murphy, for me it's just Thursday.

And why isn't it Friday, may I ask? It should be Friday. I'm tired.

As I write this, the cat is sleeping in her little bed on the porch, the picture of contentment. Yesterday I offered her a bite of chicken by hand, and she backed up and hissed at me and started to run away, but she really did want breakfast so she was just faking that outraged retreat. As soon as I said, "Suit yourself," and dropped the bite in her dish, she strolled over and began to eat. I can get close to her, but no touching allowed. She's curious about Sophie and lets her get quite close without hissing at her. Yesterday they got within a foot of each other without drama - the cat sat calmly, Sophie stood quietly, and they stared at each other for a full minute, sizing each other up. I think the cat has concluded that Sophie's in charge, and I'm just the servant with thumbs. I think the cat may be right.


Unknown said...

Wishing the best to all three of you.
We've been in your area this week riding our bikes through Howey in the Hills, Monteverde, etc. Yesterday we headed West to swim with the manatees thanks to your suggestion a few months ago. Thanks! It was a nice change from riding our bikes :-)
Good luck with the collection, Evelyn

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Poor Sophie. Poor Catherine. Lucky Porch Cat.

The last year of my girl's life I spent nearly 10K, and that has been the average with my dogs. It's so difficult to say what you will or will not do for a beloved pet. And it creeps up on you, the prescription diets, the meds, etc, etc.

So this time we decided no more dogs, but we did splurge on a luxury car lease. The dogs were much more loved, although the car is nice.

Catherine said...

Oh, I'm only half serious about the car/vet bills connection. I am still planning to get a new(er) car this year. It will not be a luxury car, but it will be a nice shiny new or nearly new Subaru Outback with lots more bells and whistles.

I'd have had one a year or so ago but for vet bills, but Sophie is not really a burden. That was tongue in cheek, because REALLY?? I can't even have a dog that takes a normal SHIT??

Porch cat just showed up and perched on the wall, a shadow in the twilight. I opened the front door and she leaped down and ran toward me before she caught herself and turned around, ran back to the shadows and sat in the corner, and just for good measure, hissed at the air in front of her. I don't like you - where's dinner? It's warm again tonight so I left the front door open (there is a glass storm door, which is closed) so she is forced to eat her delicious dinner with the sights and sounds of the house mere feet away. Sophie watched her for a second and followed me back to the office. I'm amazed at how casual they are with each other. I'm the issue. If I would just cater the meals and send the mortgage payment from elsewhere, I think she'd move in with Sophie in a week.

Catherine said...

Evelyn! So glad you got to swim with manatees! I've never done that, just watched them from the shore. If you went biking in Howey and Montverde, you were in "the mountains" here! I discovered a while back that I'm a flatland biker only, the rest of FL has ruined me for those long hills.

jennywren said...

I hope Sophie's problems are easily sorted - for both your sakes. Do you have some kind of tupperware container that you could catch the poop in, to save you the unpleasant job of transferring it? Could it possible be nerves that are affecting her? Now she is on her own and as Murphy was the dominant dog perhaps she is taking a while to adjust? Just a thought.
My dog - a Havanese - was described by the vet as having a delicate digestion! Whenever he gets over excited or nervous it affects his poop. We have found only one type of food that suits him and when that went temporarily off the market I spent hours and a fortune trying to find something he could, and would eat. I practically did a jig when it came back on sale (and so did Arthur!) I could write a book on the variations of poop he did in the meantime. The worst was one I called the splats - a mixture of black tar and superglue - just refused to leave him:(

Catherine said...

Have no fear, the vet's office set me up with a catch bowl, a labeled vial for transport, and latex gloves. I'm equipped like a lab tech. :-) However, timing has not been on our side so far. Sophie didn't poop in the morning before I left for work. This isn't diarrhea in the frequency sense, just in the abnormally liquid sense. She did of course let loose when I got home from work, but by then the office was closing, because of course the last two days I got home late. I have high hopes for tomorrow a.m. ;-)

KatyaR said...

I hope Sophie's feeling better soon, it's miserable for both mom and Sophie. :-)

Brenda said...

My other Yorkie had the same issues when my ex-husband moved out. . .