Saturday, March 19, 2016

A week already?

I must do better at updating this old blog. It's neglected. There is only so much time, and so many things I want to accomplish, and somehow time passes and I don't accomplish much on my list. I'm blogging in bed with coffee this morning, after dipping a toe into Twitter. I'm @bossylittledogs there, if you are a Tweety sort and want to say hi. I've been on Twitter for years and barely use it - I skim it and occasionally retweet something, but never quite got the hang of it. But it is where the cool kids hang out, so I've decided I need to start spending more time there. I'm hoping it will be like my initial scoffing at Pinterest - I just didn't see the point, until I started using it and became hooked on organizing recipes and other things. Now I rely on it. I can pop open the app on my phone while I'm in Publix and review the ingredients for that curry I want to make, etc. So handy. So I may decide I like Twitter after all. It could happen.

Of course, this morning I peeked at Twitter and of the first handful of tweets, two were about people losing their beloved dogs. Yeah, perhaps this wasn't a good week for me to take up Twitter. I can't even bring myself to replace Murphy's picture yet.

Sophie's doing fine. The runny poop was gone for a good ten days, but it might be coming back a bit. We still have no idea, but she's happy and eating and all that good stuff, so for now I'm chalking it up to Just One of Those Things. I was walking her yesterday when Porch Cat came a runnin', all happy to see us, until he realized what he was doing and skidded to a halt, turned away, and peed on a bush. "Coming to see you? Don't be crazy! I just had a sudden urge to mark this particular holly! Nothing to do with you! Nuh-uh!" My initial impression that PC is a boy appears confirmed. The marking, and the fact that it's been several months now and I haven't woke up to kittens on my porch, yeah, he has to be a boy. He appreciates the bed on the porch and his catnip sock and the occasional meal, but he has no interest in becoming a house cat, and that's fine with me. A cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do, and as long as I don't wake up to a cat giving birth on my porch, we're cool like this.

I have no fun plans this weekend, which makes two weekends in a row of behaving like a responsible adult and doing housework and taxes and boring grownup stuff like that. Adulthood is so overrated. I do have a couple of Disney trips planned for April, but yeah, this weekend I must be a grownup. The car is filthy and needs a good cleaning, ditto the windows, there's clutter everywhere (it's amazing how the mess just builds up during the week when I'm the ONLY ONE HERE! - I blame Sophie). It's 7 a.m. and I'm fully caffeinated, so it's time to get started on Responsible Adulting.


ellen kirkendall said...

I use Twitter quite a bit. It's especially good for breaking news including weather events. Follow the NWS, your local weather stations and the local police and you will knoe what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Katherine - you are right being an adult being hard work!

By the way, I still love to see that cheeky, bossy little face on your blog.

So glad Porch Cat is a Boy Cat! That could have been a real bother.

Old Fred (14.5 yo) had a very strange upset yesterday - an sharp increase in intensity of some strange behaviours, usually very transient and intermittent. I think that they are indicative of something amiss in his central nervous system, plus a degree of senility. He is better today, so it's the same thing - one day at a time, unless he shows signs of distress or pain.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

We had an upsetting situation too - Dudley has started having what appear to be seizures. This comes just a couple of months after getting a clean bill of health at his checkup. The first one happened yesterday morning, and my daughter thought he just had stretched too hard and gave himself a cramp in his leg. But it happened again today, and this time it definitely looked like a brief seizure. He's okay after, but something's wrong. He's only 11, which for a small dog is still the prime of his life.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do hope this is a passing problem with Dudley. I had one dog who did have something that LOOKED like seizures, but it turned out to be a spinal injury that occasionally produced awful spasmodic bouts that LOOKED like epilepsy. In that case a warm hot water bottle was all the medication needed.

The last dog I had to nurse with epilepsy died nearly 25 years ago, the meds available then helped for a long time, but I do hope that the experts have found something better in the meantime.

All the best to Dudley,

Gae, in Callala Bay

KatyaR said...

Poor Dudley! My last Boston had a heart mummur that caused horrible ceizures, it's what finally killed her. She wasn't diagnosed until a couple of years before she passed. Meds didn't really help her.