Tuesday, March 01, 2016

No updates does not equal bad news.

I just had a busy week that flowed into a busy (but very fun) weekend, and not much time for messing with This Olde Blogge. I have yet another cold/sinus thing, on the heels of the last one in January. It's going around the office like wildfire, and apparently it's my turn. Sophie's runny poop issue continues, it still doesn't seem to be bothering her but it is still a concern for me. Yesterday I finally captured that "fresh sample" required for the poop test and got it to the vet before they closed. It was as much fun as it sounds. I didn't just have to capture diarrhea exiting the dog under pressure, but also do a rectal swab. Sophie is an amazingly good girl; she stood perfectly still while Mommy assaulted her butt with a swab. It made me realize I don't mind my spreadsheets and monitors quite so much. I'm not cut out to be a vet tech. The cat is no friendlier, but at this moment she's made herself at home and returned to her bed on the front porch for a post-breakfast nap.

My new headlights were delivered yesterday, and I have an appointment at 2 today to have them installed. My plan is to take this wee purple computer-like object to Panera and hang out while the work is done, and write a real update while I wait.

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