Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Sophie!

You are SEVEN years old today, which means we have been together for six years - how the time flew!

Sophie is the most perfectly behaved dog ever, except for her quirks. We were outside this evening when a thunderstorm (Yay, RAIN!) blew up, announcing itself with a huge clap of thunder.

Sophie didn't flinch. Didn't look up. Didn't stop sniffing the ground and taking her sweet time. I had to persuade her to poop and pee (swearing was involved) and let's get the mail and get the hell inside already! The sky opened up and it rained glorious buckets (it's been dry lately).

So, we're inside and less than ten minutes later the storm hits. Less thunder than we had heard outdoors, no lightning to speak of, just a nice, soaking rain.

NOW she's all nervous and tense. When she's safe indoors, she's suddenly aware of the thunderstorm, not when she's OUTSIDE and hears a huge clap of thunder.

The storm has passed and it's all good now, and we had a lovely heavy downpour of needed rain.

Summer is here already, it's 90 degrees, and the AC in my car is suddenly not blowing cold consistently. It will be nicely cold, then stop blowing cold for 20 minutes or so, then start again. I don't hear any noises like something cycling on and off, it's just silently sweaty. Baby the Subaru is 10 and has cost me virtually nothing in maintenance over the years, other than the basic maintenance like tires and a battery and oil changes and such. But I was planning to get a newer version of Baby (I'm thinking maybe an Outback this time) later this year, after the credit card debt is all gone and I can save some money, because gas mileage is much better and other good stuff in newer cars. So I'd been wistfully dreaming of a basic model Outback, and realized that by October or November I could make it a reality.

Baby sensed my thoughts of replacing her, and is going to make sure she costs me too much to ever, ever let her go. I do appreciate the timing. This is Florida - my car AC has been running nearly every day all winter - but now, NOW, when we are prematurely hitting the 90s, NOW it's time for the AC to go out, when I can look forward to showing up at work all frizzy and sweat-soaked and miserable, or spend the money to get it fixed and put off the new car a while longer.

When the air started blowing hot on my drive home tonight, I swear I heard her snicker.

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KatyaR said...

Happy birthday, Sophie, from me and Basie! You're just a few months older than Basie, his birthday is in September.

I'm driving an 11-year-old car that just turned over 100,000 miles. It doesn't look like much but it gets me where I'm going and it's paid for, so I'm happy. Except a friend of mine at work just got a brand new SUV that she totally deserved and now I'm a bit jealous. Just a bit, because I'm trying to save to go to Ireland next year. It would be nice, but I totally don't want the car payment.