Thursday, May 05, 2016

Counting down....

Our vacation Magic Bands have arrived!

Everyone, including Delaney, already has magic bands, but when you book a resort stay you get a pretty NEW band. They've added purple as an option this year, and I believe my daughter and I both went with purple. Because hello? Purple! I'm pretty sure it really doesn't matter whether you use your resort band or your regular passholder band if it's all linked to the same account, but hey, a new purple band? I'm happy!

House and Sophie sitter booked: Check.

Wardrobe mostly ready: Check.

It's coming together nicely.

I'm excited. I've never stayed at a Disney resort! I will share one hard lesson learned: book your damn meal plan when you book the room! OMG, seriously, it was like moving heaven and earth to add it later. I had thought I didn't really need a meal plan (that's a prepaid dining package booked with the room). I was an IDIOT, because when my daughter booked all these fabulous sit-down lunch character experiences I realized that I could eat for a day for the price of that ONE meal, and I would like to eat more than once a day. So I spent a painfully long time on the phone with a lovely and helpful reservations lady who moved heaven and earth to get me hooked up with a meal plan. Whew! Now I can dine at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, Tusker House (that buffet goes on forever, holy crap!) AND add on a final fling at Be Our Guest. My daughter and son-in-law actually dined at Be Our Guest for their anniversary dinner last year and were very impressed with the food and the atmosphere. It's gorgeous. Even the entrance, which is right in the Magic Kingdom, is elegant and amazing. I've wanted to eat there for two years, especially after they tried it and loved it.

Grandma is going to get Delaney an autograph book for this trip. We haven't done autographs before, because she really was a bit young to grasp the concept. But now she's seen the Disney commercials with little girls getting princess autographs and is all about it this year, and with all the character meals we have booked plus the characters she can meet in the parks, she'll have quite a collection.

It'll be hot, it'll be crowded, it'll be a bit crazy, but there's a lovely relaxing resort pool, a campfire, movies, playgrounds - ahh. I need this.


KatyaR said...

I love how excited you get about Disney! I hope you have a great time!

Catherine said...

I'm a shameless Disnerd. I don't know why it affects me that way, but it makes me ridiculously happy.