Sunday, May 22, 2016

Less than One Week to Go.

Today I got an email from Disney. I've already done the online check-in, and a week or so ago that meant I would go to a different counter in the registration building to get my room number, etc. Nope, no need to do that now, apparently. Now they'll just text me my room number and I can go directly to the room and the purple band will open the door. Fingers crossed that works as planned, but not a big deal if it doesn't, I'll just have to hike back to the registration desk.

One week to go, and my daughter of course went on a last minute rearranging spree and changed up our Sunday schedule. I had been concerned about the original plan, honestly - it involved us showing up for the safari ride before 10:30 a.m. Even staying on property this means having your shit together and heading for the bus an hour beforehand, because there's the wait for the bus, the security stuff, the gate, and then the hike through the park to the safari loading zone. I'm an early riser, but them? Not so much. She rethought that and was able to move the lunch to dinner at Tusker House, and added a brand new that weekend evening show! She's the Disney scheduling ninja and I just show up when I'm told, but I'm really pleased with this change of plans. Now this feels like a relaxing vacation weekend! We will sleep in, eat brunch at the resort, swim and hang out, and then head over to the park in the late afternoon for a 4 p.m. buffet, followed by rides and an evening safari and a brand new Jungle Book show. I was apprehensive when she started her "Oh, I can make this BETTER!" scheduling one week out. I don't care much about the rides because I can go on them at other times, but dammit, I paid for a meal plan (and spent an hour on the phone and had to do a lot of re-registering) to get it, especially for those character meals! But I didn't have to worry; Disney booking is her superpower. She did a last minute rescheduling of everything for a holiday weekend from her freaking phone. We need these millenials, people! She should hire herself out as a scheduler for people like me who somehow can never make that work out. Anyway, I'm looking forward to a lazy Saturday morning of not having to budge from bed until I want to, when I will stir myself to go get coffee by the pool and swim and read until the late sleepers stir, then do a late breakfast and exploring and more swimming. Works for me.

In the rest of the world there's not much to say. Work is still good, I like my co-workers, I like the work. The cat shows up now and then. He was here this morning. I fed him a big breakfast and he hunkered down to wait me out for seconds. He got seconds, but still won't let me touch him. I said as I put down the dish with his second helping: "At least you've quit hissing at me!" And he hissed at me. Yeah, maybe we need to break up. I'm being used, and he's not interested in a real relationship.

Knitting is progressing, I will power through the log cabin afghans over the next few months. They're mindless fun, and after a day of spreadsheets and technical drawings and the other shit I stare at all day, the act of handling colorful yarn and doing something relaxing and repetitive is really, really soothing. I'm even going to haul the afghan with me to Disney, because why not? I'm driving, I can pack all sorts of extras people arriving by air can't. There's a lot to be said for a weekend resort stay less than an hour from home.

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besshaile said...

Oh it sounds divine! Especially the early morning breakfast and lolling by the pool. make me jealous why doncha?