Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bed at 9 Sounds Good.

Delaney's dad picked her up before noon. Mom drove herself to the urgent care to have the ankle checked out. Sprained, nothing was broken, she has a cool splint with a chill pack you can put in the freezer (to make it an actually cool splint). Otherwise it's anti-inflammatory meds and rest it. It's her left foot, her Corolla is a stick shift but they do have an automatic, so they will just trade cars for a week or so. This concludes the Ankle Drama. This was the ankle she'd royally effed up in high school lacrosse, and it remains a bit prone to drama. Like the anti-Pokemon Go sticks-in-the-mud.

I slept 5 hours on an air mattress so we could watch Powerpuff Girls (Miss D's new obsession, though I think it's as ugly and weird as it was 30 years ago) and then, as a sleep-inducing palate cleanser, Frozen. She dozed off to Frozen as I'd hoped, and I got 5 hours of sleep before my daughter texted me at 5:15. The rest of the day was normal-ish; shopping and laundry and bathroom cleaning and boring stuff like that. I have an urge to go to bed early with the weaving book and the Interweave Small Looms magazine I also purchased.

I'm also rejoining the gym. I sit too damn much.

Sleepover Recovery Mode.


Unknown said...

Just admit it, you want to get in shape so you can play Pokemon Go too. I am far beyond tha generation that grew up with Pokemon, but I can see the appeal. And its amusing to watch from my 11th floor window as millenials try to walk across an intersection while playing. Kimmen

Catherine said...

I actually haven't caught a Pokemon in days (because I have a day job and it's hotter than hell) but you don't have to be in shape to play, which is the glory of it. It's getting the pale and couch-bound gamers out into the world again. It's getting autistic kids (who frequently overlap with the couch-bound gamer population) to interact without pressure. I'm back to the gym because, as I mentioned it's hotter than hell out there, AND I have a closet full of clothes I love that are 5-10 lbs and a lot of time on the elliptical away from fitting. :-) But once the weather isn't Satan's Dry Cleaner? I'll be happy to take Delaney in search of Pokemon. Mostly I want my shorts and capris to fit better before Disney time starts again. :-)