Friday, July 01, 2016

Ellie's Adjusted.

May I sleep in the bed, Sophie?

I shall sleep in the bed every night.


I love the kitchen.

The kitchen is mine.

I have never had an animal so instantly assimilate into the household. This morning she was really pissed at me when I told her she had to spend one more day in my office, because Bad Mommy hadn't really kitty-proofed yet. (I expected to have a longer adjustment period.) My knitting bags are entirely too accessible, for one thing. She's so far the best cat ever and not at all destructive, but still...bags of yarn...a long day of trying to keep busy.... I will deal with that and other cat temptations this weekend, because she really, really is trying to be the best cat ever, and so far is succeeding. Sophie acts like she's lived here forever. As I type this Ellie is looking out the window while Sophie snores on the rug. They are totally relaxed.

This truly couldn't have been easier, and I'm so glad I didn't really want a kitten.


Caroline said...

So happy for all three of you! More, pleeeeeze!

Joan said...

So glad Ellie and Sophie get along! When does she meet Miss D?

Catherine said...

Oh damn, this has happened so fast I didn't share that. She met Miss D her second day home, after the recital. Ellie went to Delaney for pets, then rolled over for a tummy rub. Great with kids, good with dogs, affectionate, I'm just wondering what made anyone give up this cat. I'm thinking serious illness/nursing home/death. Nothing short of that seems likely, because anyone who met Ellie would have taken her in a heartbeat.