Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's Alive!

The blog, I mean. Sort of, anyway. My blogging mojo is missing; it may have simply fainted from the heat, or maybe it needs a fresh focus, or maybe the time has come to retire Bossy Little Dogs. Bossy Little Dog/Large Cat doesn't have the same ring to it. I'm not sure what the future holds for Ye Olde Blogge. I'm toying with ideas for a reboot.

What's happened in Sophie's World in the last couple of weeks? The Asheville family stopped by on their way to Sanibel Island, and the girls got in a couple of hours of crazy fun. One of my daughter-in-law's clients offered them the use of her Sanibel condo for a ridiculously discounted rate, and nobody can pass up a practically free trip to Sanibel!

Willa is a Crazy Dog Lady in the making, and was OBSESSED with Sophie, who wasn't too sure about this small stranger who was determined to kiss her, but after a couple of hours and the sharing of Willa's lunch, a friendship was forged and kisses were exchanged.

The noise level was high. The cat stayed under the bed.

I hadn't seen Willa in nearly a year. She's a walking, talking, feisty little person now. I didn't want to force myself on her too quickly because Florida Grandma is practically a stranger to her, but later in the afternoon I asked her if I could pick her up, and she replied very firmly, "No." So I asked if we could sit down and play blocks together (I'm glad I kept Delaney's old Duplos in the closet) and she nodded and plopped down on the floor with me to play. She's not as wildly chatty as her sister and cousin, but her vocabulary is equally advanced. She told me she was going to "stack" the blocks. Not bad for what, about 19 months?

It was a whirlwind visit, but lots of fun. We need to get these girls together more often.

The Disney summer blockout dates have ended and my daughter of course started stalking fast passes for the new Frozen ride at Epcot. Last Sunday afternoon we made a brief visit, dodging bouts of torrential rain. The worst rain hit as we entered the gate:

But it really wasn't bad at all. We never actually got caught in any of the passing showers, and it kept the temperature down a bit. We met up with one of my daughter's co-workers and her three year old daughter, and the two little girls were instant buddies. They even had matching Minnie Mouse baseball caps. We rode Spaceship Earth and visited Figment in the Imagination pavilion, where the girls spent quite a while playing on the musical floor.

But of course the main purpose of the visit was the new Frozen ride, which really is fantastic! The wait time last Sunday was 105 minutes, so thank God for fast passes. Before the ride the girls got autographs and photos with Anna and Elsa. The meet and greet is held in an absolutely adorable little "summer house" full of charming detail:

True to her character, Anna is very chatty and bubbly, and had a personal little story to share with each child. We listened to several stories while waiting our turn, and I was impressed with how she had a new story for every kid!

Elsa is regal and less chatty, but very sweet:

Then it was on to the ride:

The photos don't do it justice, it really is lovely. However, the end of the ride involves an encounter with the snow monster from the movie, and our little three year old friend was scared to tears! Delaney held her hand (they'd held hands nearly all day) and tried to console her. None of us thought the scene was really "scary," so who knows what was going on in her little mind? But she recovered quickly and enjoyed the rest of her day. We did a few more things, but it was Sunday afternoon and Monday was a work and school day, so we told the girls we had to leave. They proved how much they'd bonded in just a few hours by emitting identical shrill shrieks of protest! We will have to go back soon, because they felt cheated - they wanted to go on the new Soarin' ride and Test Track, and...and...! Yeah, I'd say that Disney has done a good job making Epcot more kid friendly.

Of course this just whets my appetite for the Food and Wine Festival next month, and our weekend at the Port Orleans resort at the end of October. Disney Madness forever!


Karen said...

My next trip to Disney is probably going to be in the fall of 2017, so I'm living vicariously through your trips! We loved Port Orleans when we were there this past April.

Catherine said...

I'm the Official Disney Enabler. I visited the French Quarter to hang out and swim, but left late that night. I'm looking forward to two nights there, and beignets!