Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tropical Depression.

That pretty much defines this time of year in Florida, but in this case it refers to a disorganized system (which pretty much defines the rest of my life) that is expected to become an actual tropical storm to be named Hermine. They could at least have used the Harry Potter spelling! I am not expecting much from this storm. I will be at work, wearing jeans and old shoes that can get soaked in the parking lot, unless things somehow get worse in the next 24 hours. I'm just hoping the power stays on because I have stuff in the freezer. That's about it for local drama, at least now. It's headed for the "Big Bend" part of the state, aka the Armpit of Florida, and so far, meh. They're used to it.

In other news: Did I mention that Delaney started VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) a couple of weeks ago? I think it was in one of those posts I wrote in my head - did you see it? No? Okay.

Delaney will be five in October, but thanks to the September 1 cutoff date for Kindergarten, she's in VPK this year. So, at the beginning of the year the VPK teacher does an assessment of skills for each child, and then another assessment at the end, so at the end of the year they know if the child demonstrates "kindergarten readiness," or is still lacking in any skills that will need more work. I'm guessing you know what I'm going to say next. Delaney breezed through the pre-kindergarten assessment with a score of 100%. Her teacher said that there is actually nothing left for her to learn in her class. She's also tall and physically coordinated and articulate and socially advanced. But she can't go to kindergarten this year because Moses himself brought the September 1st date down from the mountain, or something.

That would be frustrating enough, but she's eager to learn to read and is progressing at light speed, and the other night my daughter texted me. Delaney was playing in the bathtub when she yelled to her parents: "Three fours makes twelve!" She was playing with her My Little Ponies in the bath, and started doing math counting their feet to amuse herself. Yeah. She did multiplication in her head, for fun, while taking a bath, but she can't go to kindergarten yet. So NEXT year she will start kindergarten knowing how to read and do math, and let us just hope that she enjoys the other aspects of school enough to avoid becoming frustrated just yet.

As school will not be challenging this year, her mom is finding some fun outside challenges. The issues with a kid like this are special: She's going to be a know-it-all in the classroom this year, and that will give her an unrealistic view of how the world works. She also likes to be challenged and that is something to be nurtured, so appropriately stretching her limits outside the classroom will be important. She's in a dance class with slightly older girls this year and actually has to concentrate more, and that's good. And about a week ago she announced to her mother that she wanted to run a race at Disney, so she's signed up for the Disney Princess Marathon Weekend Kids' 200m Dash in February. It's a fun run, she'll get a lot of goodies for participating and be cheered on by princesses - what's not to love? Her mom and dad and another friend have signed up for the Star Wars 10K in April, which is a more elaborate deal that will actually get them off the couch to train. These races are really cool, the runners run through the parks before opening time, cheered on by characters. The 10K runs through Hollywood Studios and a couple of resorts and finishes at Epcot. Alas, I do not run - I like it in theory, but my knees strenuously object. I will be there with Delaney to cheer them on.

I will be working on some other things, not fully defined just yet.

How are Ellie and Sophie?

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Education rules are not so hard and fast here - our youngest grandchild's fifth birthday fell about 6 weeks into the first school term, the school would have happily accepted her. She could tick all the boxes, except social maturity. As a matter of fact, she ticked all the boxes when her older brother did his assessment, to the great amusement of the teacher doing the assessment. When it was time for her assessment, she was still a little backward on the social side of things, and the teacher agreed with Anne that another year of pre-school would be beneficial, if they were prepared to bear the cost. The pre-school gave Kirby extra learning tasks, and some small responsibilities in the organisation, and it was SO worth it - she slid into her first year of 'real' school with barely a ripple.
Our rules (some variation state to state) are broadly that a child can start school if he or she turns five in the first term, and MUST be in school by the age of 6. This allows some lee way for the variability in development and maturity that is inevitable - they are not robots.

Catherine said...

It's extremely inflexible here, and that's frustrating. Fortunately Delaney is enjoying VPK so far, and as long as she's having fun that's all that matters for now.