Saturday, September 03, 2016

Hermine has moved on.

We did get quite a bit of rain and some thunderstorms out of the trailing bands of the storm, but things are drying out today. There is the usual chance of thunderstorms, but if we avoided going anywhere due to the weather forecast we'd never leave our houses for six months of the year.

And of course I'm a total Disney Nut and Star Wars Nerd, so guess what? (I'm betting you can guess.) We're going to go hang out with Chewbacca later today! Grandma has already put the Chase Disney card in her wallet so I can get everybody in to the cardholder Star Wars meet and greet, if we have time. And we will finally do the Toy Story Midway Mania ride, which is a new experience for me. It's one of those super-popular attractions that's hard to get into and the fast passes are booked far in advance. And the Indiana Jones stunt show! I'm assuming we'll stay for the fireworks too, because my daughter is even more obsessed than I.

It's Labor Day weekend and I have given myself the treat of an extra day off. I'm taking four, count 'em, four days off, something I haven't done since I started this job last October! And then I drove to AVL and back, which was lots of fun but hardly relaxing. These four days are MINE. Disney and IKEA and othewise lolling around doing not jack shit for four days. Yup. That is my plan.

The IKEA trip is dual-purpose: I need to pick up a few cheap kitchen items, and we are going to plan the big girl redecoration of Delaney's room. She will be five next month, and she has tons of toys she never plays with and will no doubt get tons more at her party, so Mommy and Daddy and Grandma are going to give her something more practical for her birthday: a new bed frame and a more grownup looking bedroom, and more books. (I think Grandma may have to throw in a nightstand with a good reading lamp to put beside that big girl bed, just because.) So tomorrow or Monday we will take Delaney on a reconnaissance mission: lunch and a pre-shop of big girl bedroom decor. I truly love to decorate, though my passion is severely impaired by a chronic lack of money. Enter IKEA - we can put together (heh heh) a functional bedroom for a few hundred bucks. That and a trip to Home Depot for a gallon or two of paint and her room will be transformed into something that should work for her through elementary school. Because we are all facing the reality: they are never moving out of that house. The Reluctant Landlady is resigned to her fate. ;-)


Brenda said...

The nearest IKEA store is about 200 miles away from me. I go there once or twice a year, and suffer from dreams of the ultimate sewing/crafting room for weeks after. My dream is to tear all the 1970's paneling out of my basement, have it dry-walled and build some kind of uber-efficient, super cozy and comfortable sewing room in shades of sage green, white and gray.

Catherine said...

Oh, that sounds fabulous! I have a similar dream for my guest room/office: replace the random pieces scavenged from other parts of the house and create a real home office with storage and good lighting. My IKEA is about 40 minutes away and I still get there only once or twice a year.