Thursday, September 01, 2016

It's raining elsewhere right now.

We should get some rain from Hermine, but probably not much more than any other random thunderstorm. Damn. I was hoping for an excuse for a day off.

And now we're under a tornado warning and it's raining like hell. This is a lopsided storm, heavy on the east side, so though we are hundreds of miles away from the official landfall, it's getting interesting.

Local weather guy says it's looking better and the tornado threat is breaking down for now. I'm not going to sleep too well tonight, I suspect. My phone will scream periodically.

Ah, it's raining really hard. And let's remember, I'm FAR from the actual hurricane; this is just the outer band nonsense. It can rain and thunder all it wants, but I really don't like tornadoes. They can stay away.


Unknown said...

It definitely depends on your neighborhood the way the rain bands are training. Just hope no tornadoes. And hope it keeps moving right along. I have family in LA affected by the floods. They have PTSD about rain now.

Catherine said...

Yeah, I've been all blase about eh, a lot of rain, so what, then my phone screamed a tornado warning. But it's a widespread warning right now, so you can't panic about everything. I'll be sleeping with an ear open.