Friday, October 07, 2016

A slight jog east...

Which is really good news for my area, though the coast is still going to be devastated. I still have power and wifi, obviously, though I carry a flashlight from room to room just in case. One Facebook friend not far from me lost power already, but he has a generator and is just fine. (And BTW, though so many people love to bitch about Facebook, in situations like this Facebook is absolutely invaluable as a means of getting information and keeping in touch. Zuckerberg deserves his billions.)

I took a nap earlier and now that I've heard the forecast I may be able to nap again for a couple of hours later. We will see the worst of it tomorrow during daylight, and the worst for my area is now looking like a bad tropical storm here, vs. the apocalypse predicted a few hours ago. Yay for that slight jog east, but I can't be too happy knowing what's happening along the coast, just 45 minutes away. Cross your fingers that Matthew stays offshore. We won't talk about the bizarre loop the models show it doing, where it will form a perfect circle and come back to hit FL again next week. No kidding.

I'm celebrating still having power by toasting a bagel, and then I'll try to nap again.

Sophie has potty pads. She doesn't like using them when I'm home because I'm home and why can't we go out? But the rain is both heavy and steady and the wind gusts are unpredictable, and I'm not inclined to take any chances with branches of the huge oak trees that make my neighborhood so pretty coming down on us in the dark. She is very good about using potty pads so she'll be fine. Otherwise, it's fairly quiet here so far. Very wet, but fairly calm.

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