Friday, October 28, 2016

It's Disney Mini-Vacation Weekend!!!

And holy shit, do I ever need it. This election is absolutely soul-killing. I've voted already and I'm officially signing off on the news stories as much as I can. Today was another media headline freakout about emails and a "new investigation OMGELEVENTY!!!" that they had to walk back in a couple of hours, "Oh, wait, it's actually not HER email, but another investigation, and it's three emails that overlap somehow," but it will consume the news cycle for the weekend, and I'm guessing that the FBI Director is on his way to a cushy right wing think tank job when the election is over, because that letter was carefully crafted to hint at a new scandal without actually lying as it could be. And holy crap, I'm so ready to have brunch tomorrow with Winnie the Pooh, and ride roller coasters and basically check out of reality for three days. I was going to bring more connective internet devices. Naah. Fuck that. I'm bringing my phone for basic Disney navigational purposes. I am signing off for the weekend.

I am bringing knitting and my Kindle and an audiobook for the quiet times when the rest of the family is sleeping in, and holy crap KatyaR, thank you for turning me on to the Chronicles of St. Mary's series! I am devouring them like popcorn! They are exactly the kind of smart and imaginative mental break I need right now.

Once again I am ridiculously excited to drive 45 minutes to spend two nights at a resort. It's just what I need.


KatyaR said...

I'm so glad you like the books! I'm currently resisting the urge to read them all again.

Have a fantastic weekend at Disney!

jennywren said...

Hoping you have a great weekend. I thought you might enjoy this vlog from a young British couple currently staying at Disney (for two weeks I think). She does a regular vlog around her knitting/sewing and general 'waffle' as she calls it. She is doing a daily vlog throughout October and has been at Disney for a few days now and recording her adventures. She is there with her husband, brother and parents and they seem to be having the best time. This is my favourite so far where they visit the Harry Potter area. I wondered if you would find it interesting seeing it though a 'foreign' tourists eyes. As they will probably be there after the end of October I don't know if she will carry on recording but from what I have seen so far they are having the best time. I am enjoying it all vicariously! She is a very good advert for it! They have been a few times before I gather but not for a while and have mentioned the changes since their last visit mostly the introduction of the Star Wars area - which they like but are sad about the areas that were lost. This one is about 15 minutes long (the longest so far) most are about 5 - 10 minutes. I had to share this as it looks so much fun, hope you enjoy. Also hope this link works if not she is - Inside number 23 - on You Tube.

Catherine said...

Harry Potter is actually at Universal Studios, a few miles up the road and (still in the Orlando tourist zone). It IS fabulous! I haven't been since the day after my daughter's wedding, when the family minus the newlyweds made a day of it the next day, and that was before Diagon Alley and the Escape from Gringotts ride existed! I'm overdue for a trip, but it's as expensive as Disney and Delaney's not quite old enough to appreciate Harry Potter yet. She's already five going on thirteen, but I don't think it's wise to rush it.

Catherine said...

Oh and The Mummy is my favorite roller coaster ever!

jennywren said...

She does mention it's at Universal studios but having never been I'm not familiar with the Geography. I think she is driving at the beginning so presumably rented a car. They have also been to Epcot (sp.?) and 'eaten their way around the world' and done various rides and I think to the Disney palace (sorry, all the different places and activities are running into one great big exciting adventure in my mind). I am not sure where their hotel is but think it's more likely to be at Disney as they had previously taken what I think she called shuttle buses. She hasn't posted for a couple of days but was planning on going to a Halloween party so maybe recovering from that!

They are a lovely young couple so I always enjoy seeing them but this really looks so worth the financial investment and good to see her parents enjoying it too - obviously not just for children but maybe the young at heart! After seeing it through Kate and her family we are actually discussing going next year - probably around this time when it's possibly just a little cooler. I think it's about a 7 hour flight so not something to do for a weekend for us but well worth at least a week or so.

I can't remember if she mentioned him in this video but Kate has a little pug dog called Rolly - she might have mentioned missing her baby!

As I said she is a good advert for the whole adventure and as she has over seven and a half thousand followers on You Tube that's quite a good audience!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

jennywren said...

Don't worry I wont keep sending these but felt I owed you a better Disney one. It's fairly short. Starts with them in the lift of their hotel and then the shuttle bus to the Animal Kingdom. Then a very mixed reaction to a ride - very funny watching her screaming (but loving it) and poor mum not so happy! It's good to go for such a long stay I suspect as they are able to spend a whole day in each of the areas/kingdoms/worlds.

We have been saying we need something a bit more exciting to do for our next holiday before we slip into old and staid - I think this (and Universal will fit the bill splendidly.

Catherine said...

Oh no, I"m enjoying the videos very much! And if you do decide to make the trip please let me know, I'd love to meet you for an afternoon!

jennywren said...

As you are enjoying them I have added the latest one she has posted - she has slowed right down with posting these now so is obviously having too mush fun to edit them etc. This is the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood studios and includes a lovely parade - Mickey Mouse etc. She had a great view so we do too! Also an outside show of some kind. She also rides a carousel but I was taken with a tiny little blond girl sitting behind her and to the left. So small but having fun all by herself. .

I might add a couple more videos later but will keep them in here. Myself, my sister in law, my daughter, son in law and granddaughter are very keen to go. Actually they haven't told my granddaughter yet as it's a long wait and she will burst with excitement when she knows. She is 8 but will be 9 by the time we go. My other half and my brother are less keen. I loved what my sister in law said to my brother when he said he had no desire to go - 'Oh are you not coming, never mind you'll be able to go fishing instead'. No persuasion or complaints just OK. She is so clever.
They think it's all Mickey Mouse and princesses so we are getting some brochures to leave around. If they come they come, if they don't they don't, we are going anyway. I am looking forward to some good old fashioned escapism and may want to stay there forever.
It would be lovely to meet up for an afternoon. Oh by the way I noticed the change in your granddaughter too - straight away. She looks so self confident in the pool chatting away to her new friend. It gives very mixed emotions doesn't it, being so proud of the way they are growing up but sad to see the baby slowly slipping away.

jennywren said...

Two more for you - in case you need a distraction from politics! Which I totally understand - we have so much going on over here which we have no control of its very frustrating. So a little escapism helps to keeps us sane.

The first one is Their first full day which was spent at Epcot and includes them 'eating their way around the world', well 11 countries anyway. There are a couple of funny moments mostly to do with the drinks!

The second was spent at the Magic Kingdom and is an assortment of joys.


Catherine said...

Sorry I was a bit distracted by my country heading into an epic disaster. Her videos are great, and I knew exactly where they were in every shot! You do want to do this. Regardless of our epic fail as a nation in terms of health care and education and generally not embarrassing ourselves, Disney will keep on keeping on. And what do your other half and brother enjoy? I'm pretty sure it is there, especially if you stay at a resort. Golf, cycling, whatever, it's available. And the parks are way less princess and more guy fun than they may think. Google Test Track at Epcot. Rock 'n Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. Spread over the entire park, it's really only about 15% princesses. My focus is always princess because grandchild, but they would not be bored.