Thursday, October 06, 2016

Nervous Cleaning.

Laundry is done, floors are vacuumed, cat box is freshened, stray cat litter is swept, because if this gets insane at 3 a.m., that bathroom may be my safe spot. Right now I'm having a generous glass of wine to relax, because I'm in that kind of nervous cleaning mode that isn't terribly productive. Phone is charged, as is the battery charger and the otherwise useless HP Stream laptop. It may serve its highest and best use as a backup phone charger, because God knows it sucks as a computer.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit scared. This is up in Hurricane Andrew level disaster now. The party starts around 2 a.m. and will continue until around 7 tomorrow evening. Yeah. That's a long time for roofs and trees, etc., to take a beating.

I did have a moment of genius and realized that I could make some coffee concentrate and stash it in the fridge for after the power goes out. Tomorrow a.m. I can have a nice iced coffee or three to get me through the day, with plenty of almond milk while it's still good. Also made a pitcher of tea and sliced the lemons, and I've bagged plenty of ice, plus have those blue ice thingies so it should be cold enough for a day or so.

My daughter and family are hunkered down in the house. They are going to make a blanket fort in Delaney's room (conveniently one of the safest spots in the house) and play with her to distract her from the noises outside. Hoping she'll sleep through the first few hours, because storms in the dark are the worst.

I'm hoping power will only be out a few days, not a week or three, but you never know. First we have to get through the next 36 hours. I'll keep updating while the lights stay on, because it distracts me, and I don't want to drink all the wine too early in this. I'll need it for sure by this time tomorrow.


T.T.J. said...

The very best! Really hate storms at night.

Catherine said...

Me too.

Unknown said...

Ugh. This is Andrew level scary. I've been through my fair share of hurricanes, and there is exciting, worrisome, or fearsome. This ones tending towards fearsome. Draw some extra water for flushing the toilets in case the water is interrupted and put extra pillows in the bathroom. I will be thinking about you and trying to send good karma to you and yours.