Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Okay, c'mon now...

This is not going in the right direction at all. Matthew is totally not listening.

I'm in the stage of cautious panic - this area has NEVER had a storm of this caliber hit, and who knows what will happen - but I live toward the middle of the state (sort of inside the L in FL above) and we are where they evacuate the beach residents to, we don't leave. Property damage and no power and general chaos, that's an issue. A bigger issue is the amount of potential damage to the east coast of the entire freaking country, because damn, it's still a hurricane when it gets to New England? Seriously??? I don't think this has ever happened before on this scale. Hurricanes hit somewhere, they move inland, they dump tons of rain, they die out as they go. They don't stay hurricanes all the way up the freaking coast.

I have batteries, pet food, paper products, cat litter, paper plates, water, Diet Coke, and I'll start bagging ice tonight. I also have bread and peanut butter and other survival type edibles. I have a nearly full tank of gas and some cash. I have a working small lantern and a couple of flashlights. I will charge everything charge-able tomorrow night. I'm planning storm knitting too.

Many years ago I got on a cat toy knitting binge. I haven't made cat toys since. I'm suddenly back in Cat World - my daughter has one, my boss has I think two, and three out of five co-workers in my group are cat people. And I've discovered that Ellie loves her some soft fuzzy cat toys! I bought her toys of course, and she plays with them, sometimes, but it wasn't until a cat loving friend (another candidate for Mousies for Christmas) came over a couple of weeks ago that I realized how I'd failed Ellie. My friend brought two fuzzy catnip-and-bell-filled mousies, and holy crap, Ellie was over the moon! She takes one to bed with her (the lavender one is the favorite for some reason) nearly every night. When I left for work this morning she was rolling on the bed with her beloved mousie. It has a bell in it, a very quiet little bell, and I realized that this is what was missing before! I'm going to launch Mice, the Next Generation, for Christmas this year. I haven't ordered catnip from Glenbrook Farms in years, but I recall it was fabulous stuff. I bought some years ago and the UPS man delivered. I came home from work and carried the box in, and put it on the kitchen floor, and went to change out of the work attire. While I was gone the cats gathered around to check out the box and someone was so turned on by the contents he/she lost control and peed on the spot! Kinda like I would do if I won Powerball, so I had to laugh.

Catnip mice will be perfect storm knitting - small and portable and not sweaty if the power goes out. I have some leftover feltable wool in the stash, amazingly enough. It's been years since I've used it; since Supergirl came along I've made superwash wool the standard for knitted kid gear. But I did dig up the old pattern and enough yarn from the stash to make a fleet of mousies, and this time I'll add a single tiny bell inside, with the fiberfill and catnip, because I now realize that the bell is just that extra special touch.

It's going to be an interesting weekend. 2016 continues to be extra special.

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