Friday, October 07, 2016

So far, so good.

Matthew is just drawing even with my area now - it was a wet and blustery night, but other than a few small branches down, so far no damage in my immediate area. Other counties aren't so lucky, of course. I still have power, though a lot of my FB friends reporting in via their phones do not. I had hot coffee this morning!

The forecast now is for sustained winds of 40+ mph in my neighborhood, which is far better than the 70+ mph called for yesterday. It's going to be rainy and windy as hell for the next 10 hours, because as I said, this thing is moving slowly, and it's very, very bad at the coast, not too many miles from here.

And look at the projected path:

We could do this again by the middle of next week.

Sophie actually asked to go outside to pee, and we managed to dodge the next downpour by a few seconds. She's just going to have to deal with the potty pads for a while.


KatyaR said...

Glad to hear you still have power and that things may be improving. One of my bosses was supposed to fly to Miami on Monday, but they cancelled her trip. I think that was probably a good bet.

Stay safe.

Karen said...

Good to hear y'all are doing okay so far. Here's hoping that Matthew continues to weaken and decides NOT to circle back around for another look.

Brenda said...

We did have a tornado last night! I was nothing compared to what you guys are going through, but I heard a weird grinding kind of noise outside, and the lights started to flicker. A few seconds later, they went out. After a while, I heard chain saws---chain saws coupled with an air raid siren at 1:30 in the morning are never a good thing, especially if the power is out. The power company guys had to saw up some huge limbs that had fallen and were blocking the street so they could get to some power lines that were down in another spot. At one point, I heard a really loud "whoosh," and a bunch of stuff hit the front of the house and my picture window. Later this morning, I saw that the neighbors across the street lost a huge part of their tree, and there were all kinds of leaves and twigs stuck to the front of my house---I must have heard that limb when it went and little pieces of debris hit my house. I feel very fortunate that my house wasn't damaged---no big trees came crashing through the roof. I don't have any trees and just had one small branch from another neighbor's tree to drag out to the curb from my back yard.