Thursday, October 06, 2016

The first outer band is already here.

And I'm thinking the estimated 5 to 7 inches of rain inland might be a bit low, listening to how much is falling already. Damn, that's some rain.

But the good news is that the track may have wiggled slightly easterly, and the west side is the weaker side, so it may be less apocalyptic and more huge inconvenient destructive mess for us personally. The coast is still pretty much fucked, but we're 30-some miles in from the worst of it. Fortunately for my own personal selfish interests, the house and this condo are both on relatively high and dry ground that drains well. For us it's the wind damage, and at last check it's not quite as scary-sounding as it was a few hours ago. It's still damn scary and it could get worse than they're saying now, but we hold onto our little happy news tidbits while we have them.

I'm not watching a steady stream of weather news. I can't freaking fix it by worrying about it. I'm going to dig out the pattern and needles and start on the catnip mice. So far, the biggest risk here is Sophie's nervous farting. I have my bright little lantern, a flashlight/lantern, two lesser flashlights, candles, ice, and wine. I'm set for the evening, and cable is still on, so there's mindless TV too.


Anonymous said...

Will Sophie get out in the middle of it? Or do you have emergency pads for her? I'm sure her dignity will be hurt, but it sounds like she could blow away.

Anonymous said...

all my thoughts are with the people who will be/are facing matthew- my family and i took direct hits from rita and ike several years ago, and the sounds just stay with you-stay safe and keep us updated-

best regards from texas- barb

Brenda said...

The air raid sirens are blowing here---there has either been a tornado sighted or they are warning about hail big enough to break windows. Lots of thunder & lightening. Before Hannah's hearing was shot, those sirens used to terrify her---now she's sleeping through it.

I hope the worst of your storm goes around you.

Catherine said...

Sophie will use potty pads, but she's wondering why I'm ignoring her requests to go outside. I may open the back door and let her stick her head out onto the balcony. "Oh. Got it."