Monday, January 16, 2017

My Country Has Gone Off the Rails

But I made some kickass granola with forgotten stuff I found during the kitchen purge.

Rolled oats, lotsa chopped pecans from the bag in the freezer, a little brown sugar, honey, a tad of canola oil, cinnamon, nearly expired but not quite coconut that had been lurking in the fridge, followed by a handful of raisins after the aforementioned was toasted nicely. It's granola crack, and more like an ice cream topping than a "healthy breakfast," but I bought some nonfat Greek yogurt and tomorrow I will bring a scant third of a cup of this tasty caloric bomb to mix into said nonfat for my office breakfast.

Still watching the events unfold, as my country unravels. But there are a lot of good signs too - I may be a crazy "happy clappy liberal," to borrow Stephanie Miller's term, but this insanity is waking people up. It remains to be seen whether the trajectory can be reversed.


wednesday said...

Let's hear it for "found" groceries that haven't expired. Usually when I find mine, they are closer to artifacts than food.

I am hoping people are going to rise up and be heard too. Trying to get my son and his friends to join us at the local women's march, because those kids will all be eligible to vote in a few years, and need to be accustomed to getting involved.

Catherine said...

Oh, I threw out a lot of artifacts. It was obvious that I hadn't attempted actual baking since 2015, when the baking powder and baking soda, etc. expired.